#ShortStory on Twitter

Not much long ago, I started to write some short stories on Twitter. The idea was to write something worthwhile, within 140 characters.  I have decided to collect them all here. Do let me know, what do you feel about these stories. I will try to update it regularly

21. So tell me, why do you think I am beautiful ?

20. Atleast Dragons had souls

19. KP Sacked

18. But this is his only chance

17. You may say I am a Dreamer

16. The Art of Giving

15 The Merchant of Tear

14. Not Just a Biography

13. Chasing Butterflies

12. Waiting for an Answer

11. The Life of Barter

10. The Mute Sailor

9. No show by the Queen

8. Just a #ShortStory

7. Let them Steal 

6. The Lady Current

5. The Princess of Sky

4.About a Boy

3. The Poet’s Love

  2. Late better than Never

1. Her Dreams Does not matter

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