Hello World.

This blog is a small effort to be in touch with my mind. I like to write everything that interests me. I have worked in industries like Mobile Device, Consumer Electronics, E-learning and Music & Sound Equipment. I am a part time moody and full time foodie.  My interest ranges from Movies, Music, books, creative writing, sports to technology, social media, business, politics and History.

Here are the list of my favorites.

The best band ever in the world
Favorite Sport, Favorite Team and Favorite Moment
Favorite Book, Favorite Movie

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  1. Hi Avinash, hope you’ve had a good start to the year.

    I’m a journalist and I’m part of a team launching a news platform called The News Hub. The basic idea is that anyone can publish content – and anyone can earn money from their content (if it’s good).

    Quite simply, I’d love you to write for us.

    Our aim is to put power in the hands of journalists and bloggers. As such, although we’ll cover News, Life & Sport, contributors will have complete editorial freedom within those categories. Essentially, you can write whatever you want, whenever you want – and if it’s good, you’ll get paid for it.

    Please let me know if you might be interested in contributing. I’ve got a PDF I can send over with more details and can be reached on william@the-newshub.com.


  2. Thought you might find this amusing. New York Times Sunday Review section today had an article entitled “Your Ancestors, Your Fate”. Apparently researchers at Harvard and Berkeley did a historic, cross-cultural study of social mobility premised on surnames. The essence of the study is that certain surnames would be more upwardly mobile than others over the course of generations. They did there study in Chile, China, England, India, Japan, South Korea, Sweden and the U.S.. Centuries later surnames associated with the social elite retain their higher social status. They attribute this in part to genetics. In the U.S. they used indicators of social status tied to professionalism: Doctors and Lawyers. While obviously suspect as a statistical exercise, the good news that in the U.S. the top 3 surnames with this high social status are in order: Shetty, Agarwai, and Gupta.

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    1. Thank you for your motivating comment. I have not been writing regularly these days because of work pressure and other commitments. Bt your comment will encourage me to write more often . Thank you


  3. Hey Avinash

    By the way of introduction, my name is Poulomi Sengupta and I would like to submit my novel for a review.
    Please find the details mentioned below.

    I expect honest reviews.
    Please let us know how can I send the book for review.

    *Title- The Last Bloom

    *Author- Miss Poulomi Sengupta

    *Genre- Fiction

    *Publisher -Leadstart

    ISBN-10: 9352015479
    ISBN-13: 978-9352015474


    *Brief Synopsis
    “‘The Last Bloom’ is a story of Priya, her dreams, aspirations and struggles to fit into her new college life and its politics. Priya was ecstatic, as she was admitted to her dream college. All her visions of adventurous rock climbing trips, long night jollification with bosom friends, class bunking in lieu of movie shows, tasting lip smacking street side delicacies with classmates-a new exciting world would now unfold before her! But college is different from Priya’s idyllic dreams. In an environment as opposed to that of school, exposed to an educational system, which is controlled by political unions, will naive Priya be able to survive without any political protection? Caught between the college hero Suvo’s charming words and her acrid tussles with conceited college dropout Vivek, will immature Priya be able to differentiate between cajoling false comrades and brutally honest well-wishers? Often degraded by the skittish Shweta and saved by the blunt rebellious Aashi, will Priya be able to identify her friends and stand up for them, against fierce opposition? As Priya undertakes her journey of self-discovery, will she succumb to her deepseated fears and insecurities or will she survive the ultimate test of time?”



    Many thanks


  4. This is a great way to introduce yourself to the world. When I read your home page, I was a bit put off because I am not into book reviews and I thought your blog was entirely about books. I am glad I went to your About page and found that you are definitely more interesting than a boring book reviewer!

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