2020- Half yearly Books Wrap

I know , I know – Lets no talk about 2020…but it’s okay to talk about the books.  I am blessed that even in this difficult time, I had an access to some wonderful books and I used my lockdown period to learn and entertain from these books.

Here is what I read on 2020 so far


25/30 books 

Thank you Goodreads to keep the count..

Years of buying books paid-off and finally had an opportunity to catch-up with my long TBR list and read/listen 25 fantastic books. However,  I tried  few other interesting  things  this  year.


ARC books 

I interacted with many authors this years and read their books . It helped me to stay connected with the writing community. Also I read couple of books from Book Sirens this year, which was first time for me. (If you don’t know about Book Sirens then do give it a try ). I enjoyed Cucina Tipica by Andrew Cotto the most from the list and I am happy that I recommended it few of my friends as well.

Cucina Tipica from Andrew Cotto



More Books on Nepal 

Before the lockdown, I went to many local book shops in Kathmandu to find more  books on Nepal but there were only few books that seemed interesting.  I am glad I picked Kathmandu by Thomas Bell.  Also, I acquainted   with Rupert Wolfe and enjoyed his book on Nepal as well


The book cover of Himalayan Plunge Bus and Other Stories


Bonus: Read my full review of Himalayan Plunge Bus


The Year of Audio Books 

Totally addicted to Audio Books this year I am glad more and  more books are now available on audio format. Not only that, famous artists and actors are lending their voices to audio books is brilliant.

The Dutch house is narrated by Tom Hanks

Some of my favorite audio books this year were:

  1. Thinking fast and Slow
  2. No Filter ( Inside story of Instagram)
  3. The Dutch House


What am I reading right now ?

Nawab, Nudes and Noodles- India through 50 years of advertising by Ambi Parmeshwaran .


Did you know ? 

I recently teamed up with The Sunday Book Club (#TSBC) blog and you can see my book reviews there few times a month. I have made lot of bookish friends on Twitter with TSBC ( check them out on twitter https://twitter.com/TSBookClub ) and you must follow them for many book related conversations.



Screen shot of TSBC Blog. To read the complete post of The Aquariums of Pyongyang, click here 


Please give us your support and follow the TSBC blog for more reviews and bookish talks.


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