5 Non-fiction Book Recommendations for 2020

I try to maintain a good balance between fiction and non-fictions but often it is not by choice. I cannot read one book at a time and whenever I start a book, I feel like rather I should read that one, from completely different genre. The balance is hence restored.

I have discovered some brilliant non-fictions that I want to recommend in this post. They are good writing and expect them to surprise you even though you might not be really into  non-fiction. ( And Hi-five if you do like non-fiction books)



1 Bad Blood ( Secret and Lives in Silicon Valley Startup ) by John Carreyrou

Genre: Investigative Journalism, Business, Startup

Bad Blood ( Secreat and lies in a Silicon Valley Startup )

Once in few years, we encounter a startup that everyone is talking about. They are in press for all the good reasons and everyone is in general owe of it (Like Tesla right now) . Theronos was one of these companies and it’s founder Elizabeth Holmes was admired by everyone. They were ready to disrupt medical testing  industry and raised billions of dollars from the investors. What happened next shocked the world. When Wall Street journalist John Carreyrou investigates Theronos, he uncovers the series of lies and failed promises of the company and its celebrated founder. In the nail biting read and it shows how an investigative business journalism is done in 21st century. It becomes a compelling read, specially now when we are looking at pharmaceutical and medical companies to save the world from Covid-19 and everyone is talking about the core Theronos product- testing, testing, testing.

Goodreads rating : 5/5 stars

2 How Football Explains the World by Franklin Foer

Genre: Sports, Geopolitical

How football explains the World

Often when you watch a football match on television , you would notice the commentators slide into the history to give you the context of the match that you are watching. If you have not followed that club or knows about it’s history you will rarely understand when that match with it’s rival meant so much. Franklin Foer takes you to the inside the most bizarre, fierce and significant Football stories from the lens of these historic clubs and how it explains the political, social and in some aspect economical structure of that city, community or country.  It’s a fantastic read and if you are a sports fan or want to know more about Football clubs, its a must read.

Goodreads rating : 4/5 stars

3 Small Fry by Lisa Brennan-Jobs

Genre: Memoir

Small Fry

Let me give you the quick introduction of the author. Remember that infamous computer that Steve Jobs obsessively built during his first tenure of Apple- Lisa. Steve Jobs was sued by his girlfriend who wanted to take child support for the girl they had together but he denied the parentage- Lisa. Yes, Lisa Brennan-Jobs is Steve Jobs daughter and this is not a business book but just a memoir of a girl writing about her strange parents, their wreaking relationship and her life in general. This is not one of the ghost written memoir of a famous person- it has a genuine voice that is both funny and insightful. It adds prospective to the most famous business person of the century and its unapologetic and transparent and straight from the heart.

Goodreads Review: 5/5 stars.


4. Atomic Habits

Genre: Self Improvement, habit Coaching

Atomic Habits by James Clear

I don’t like reading self help books, they had not worked for me until  read Atomic Habits by James Clear. What an amazing book with a powerful message- tiny changes, remarkable results. I have over a decade started so many things and have ended them too soon without yielding any result. I have seen my motivation drifting up and down in days and when I read Atomic Habits, I realized why it was happening and how by committing to smaller goals to everyday can keep me motivated and improve me in long term. This book is a great personal coach and James Clear mentors you in the book rather than lecture you like they do in other self help books.

Goodreads rating : 5/5 stars

5. The Undoing Project by Micheal Lewis

Genre: Biography, Science

The Undoing Project

This book is more like a biography of the two greatest physiologist of the modern history who helped us understand the general decision making process of the people. Why we make certain decisions and why our instincts dictate us to do something while statistics and logic says something else. This book is a story of friendship and study of Israeli psychologists Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky who collectively produces series of papers that help us understand decision making and behavioral physiology. Michael Lewis brings modern examples and historic references to make us understand them. The insights in the book help me understand and take decisions in my business and I am grateful Mr Lewis to make these studies  accessible and simple .

Goodreads Rating: 4/5 stars

P.S: I am currently reading ” Thinking Fast and Slow which is authored by Daniel Kahneman.


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    Thanks for the information. I have some of these books but yet to start reading. 
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