Book Review: Himalayan Bus Plunge and Other Stories From #Nepal

I tell her that being in Kathmandu is ‘like being in a museum, a video game and an impossibly crowded street — all at the same time.’

The book cover of Himalayan Plunge Bus and Other Stories

There might be a better description for Kathmandu but this one fits in perfectly. Rupert Wolfe- Murray wrote Himalayan Bus Plunge and other stories from Nepal when he visited the South Asian nation for 6 weeks. It has a multiple stories from the Rupert’s point of view covering not particularly one thing but wide variety of things. Rupert’s visit to Kathmandu was post devastating earthquake of 2015 and his visit revolved around his younger brother who worked with British Aid Agency working towards helping Nepal coping from the after effects of the earthquake.

Rupert Wolfe-Murray

Though his intent to write about Nepal was to write a book that compliments guidebooks but the most impactful writing is about the aid workers and British mission in Nepal. I enjoyed his point of view and critique of some the strategies and his suggestions ( which writers rarely do in their book ). His trekking story with an Iranian doctor was very enjoyable too. I could sense that Rupert is a writer who has lot of empathy and genuine love in telling the stories and learning from his experiences. I don’t know how much travel will be there in 2020, but I am sure Rupert’s book will help travelers to understand Nepal better.

I wish the book could had been longer ( 100 odd pages ) and Rupert had explored other parts of Nepal as well. He was here for only 6 weeks and I wish he will stay for longer next time and write more about the ancient Himalayan country.

I had recently also read Kathmandu by Thomas Bell and I really loved it. ( Actually Rupert also mentions Bell’s Kathmandu in his book but with a critique) and together both book offered me great prospective of the city through the lens of history, art, culture and people. I rated Himalayan Bus Plunge and other stories by Rupert Wolfe- Murray 4/5 stars on goodreads. I am always more biased towards stories from Kathmandu and this book was no different.

Disclaimer : I received a free copy from the author. All the opinions on the book is my own.

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