3 Audio- Short Stories recommendations for You

When I reviewed Audible in January, I did mention that I tend to listen to more non- fiction audio books than fiction. However, on suggestion of some of my readers, I tried my hand again on listening to more audio books on fiction. One suggestion said that I should try my hand in more travel related stories and other suggestion was to try a short stories.

Cucina Tipica from Andrew Cotto

To indulge in the travel stories, I downloaded Cucina Tipica by Andrew Cutto, from audible. I connected with Andrew on Twitter and was interested to experience the story. Too be honest, it was a slow start for me, but I did enjoy listening to it and after a while i felt like I was part of the story. Pines is a likable character and the backdrop of Italy made story more enjoyable. I gave it 4/5 stars on goodreads.



As per suggestion of short stories go, I have to admit that audio is one of the best formats to enjoy them. I think in longer format, the desire to control the pace of story, as reader, is higher. Whereas, in short story, the expectation of a reader and that of a listener is same. In this post, I am recommending 3 excellent short stories available in audio format for free. You don’t need audible, spotify or any other app, you can directly stream them from the browser of your smart phone or PC.


1   Italo Calvino’s “Love Far From Home Read by Salman Rusdie

Italo Calvino- One of the most loved writer from Italy

Italo Calvino story read by Salman Rusdie- isn’t  that is enough to sell you the story. The reading is part of New Yorker podcast episode where Rusdie also recalls his relationship with Calvino.

This story was first published in The New Yorker Magazine in 1995 and has a typical Calvino flavor of magical realism and non prose poetry. One of my favorite quotes from the story is :

‘I’ve lived hundreds of lives with my thoughts. And they all ended happily. But in real life none of those things I think ever happens. So every time I find myself imagining things, I get scared and try to stop the thoughts, because if I dream something it will never come true.’  

Click here to listen to the story.  

2. How to Talk to Other Girls in Party by Neil Gaiman (Read by Neil Gaiman himself )

How to talk to girls at parties by Neil Gaiman

If you enjoy Neil Gaiman kind of writing, you will definitely enjoy this story. The big bonus, narrated the story himself ( Actually he has narrated many of his stories. You can find them on Youtube ). It’s only a 11 page long story, the audio clip is around 30 minutes. However, a fair warning that the story is more deep then it appear and I listened the last part two times to make a complete sense. Give it a try, its totally worth it.

Click here to listen to the story. 

3 Earnest Hemingway’s Homage to Switzerland (read by Julian Barnes)

Though the title says ” Homage to Switzerland ” , it was more about 3 different scenes where 3 American travelers are waiting for the train in the station lounge and their conversation with their servers. This story is the true demonstration of  Hemingway’s iceberg model of story writing where the meaning of the lines are much deeper than the plot itself.  He is master of his craft and this story is brilliantly narrated by Julian Barnes. The reading was part of Guardian book podcast.

Click here to listen to the story. 

I hope you will enjoy my recommendation of these 3 wonderful short studies in audio format. If you have discovered any great audio stories, do share with me.

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