My First Experience with the Radio Dramatization of a Book- The Martian Chronicles

Radio drama is pretty much a thing of a past. Maybe that’s what I think. I remember my school teacher saying that he had enjoyed listening to radio dramas which were aired in All India Radio. Hawa Mahal is the largest running drama show in the India with a 15 mins of less shorty story dramatized. I tried listening to couple of episodes on Sound Cloud but it’s not a thing for me. I felt it was compromised to excessive social message and static background score. I never thought of Radio dramas again however I did enjoy first season of Serial Podcast( which was also the first podcast I seriously listened to ). It was very much like a radio drama.

Ray Bradbury’s The Martian Chronicles

Couple of days ago, I stumbled upon BBC’s dramatization of Ray Bradbury classic The Martian Chronicles. It’s a 70 minutes dramatization and it is neatly organized in a Spotify playlist.

Here is the playlist.

If you don’t have spotify, I will highly recommend you to download on your phone. 

The Martian Chronicles 

What I love about Ray Bradbury books is that he does not take too much time to establish his universe, the world were men is free flowing space travelling race and exploring space with the purpose of expansion of the mankind. The first mission to Mars meritoriously disappears and Captain Wilder and his team is on a secret second mission to find out why.

We earth men have a talent for ruining big, beautiful things.

This quote really stays with me even why I finish this brilliant radio drama. The narration, background score and the production is top notch and I completed the series in one sitting. It made to read a book and once I completed it, I can fairly say that the show did the right justice to the book.

Overall, I enjoyed my experience with the book and I will highly recommend you to try this experience. If you have recommendation for any more of radio dramatization of books, do share.

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  1. Actually few FM radio stations here still broadcast stories in dramatized version and they are really good!


    1. That’s great. Anything you recommend? Can I find it online


  2. Kikibee says:

    There are many things I still haven’t explored. Radio dramas I look forward to listen and introspect… martian chronicles, how are these!?


    1. It’s really good I would say. It was my first time and production is top quality. Also Ray Bradbury writing makes a cherry on the top .


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