A #Podcast a Day

I am sure none of us were prepared for days like this. While I may complain about not able to go out and locked in my comfortable home, my heart goes out for people who has risked it all to fight this war against humanity. Also there was many who are suffering from the virus itself, I wish them speedy recovery. I heard an argument that Covid-19 may not be considered a ” Black-Swan” event, I would love to know your views on it (I personally thing it’s a Black Swan event for sure, but I would love to hear the counter arguments as well).

Though I have tried to implement listening ( both audiobooks and Podcast) as a part of my routine, however, I have now incorporated it completely in my day and I try to listen to atleast one podcast a day. l believe it is a great way to implement learning and it also enables to enrich the lost art of listening that is a disappearing. Lot of us has implemented video learning through e-learning portals and youtube which I greatly admire however, just listening sometimes can enrich your learning more because we engage through one source and it can increase our concentration.

This might not be my first time for recommending podcasts, however many of friends have said that they couldn’t sit through it, no matter how much they have tried. So, here are some of my suggestion if you are trying it for the first time or re-trying to listen to it:

  1. Stick to Genre of your work or your preferred genre to read :

While choosing the podcast, choose the one that defines your reading preference or related to your career or interest. For example, if you are in advertising, then you can try some of the brilliant digital marketing or advertisement related podcasts. If you like movies or travels, there are many that they associate with the genre. If you are into stories, there are many story tellers as well.

I relate to lot with Social Media Marketing Podcast by Michael Stelzner


I also enjoy listening to Ted Talks online

2. Sit through the first session : 

This may sound wrong to you, but I insist that you complete your first episode, even if you think ” this may not be for me” few times in the session. Many of the podcast episodes are long ( 50 minutes or more ) which I believe gives podcaster a enough time to come to the point and the conversations are long (which i don’t mind now but it bothered when I was not used to it). Also each podcast have their own inside rituals which you are not used to it yet (calling for subscription, notes from previous episodes, small talks in between or maybe an inside joke) so they may put of off sometimes.

By the book is a podcast where two comedians take on Self help books by practicing them on their personal lives. It has many inside rituals which may seem odd to first time listeners but they are adorable.

Another reason, I am insisting you to sit through the first session ( or first few even if you can ) because there is a possibility that you are not a good listener. Now, don’t turn away, podcasts can help you to subconsciously become a better listener.

You can try Utsav’s “Podcasts from Nowhere” which are short 10 minutes podcasts which may be better than try 50 minutes sessions for the first time

3. Invest in good listening device : 

Marshall Killburn

Trust me it makes all the difference. Thank god most of the smartphones now dont come with their substandard free earphones, which are hardly comfortable on ears and are mostly optimized for low frequency for bass listeners. Mid frequency is very important in podcasts as most of it is in speech, so I recommend you invest in a good earphones ( or headphones ) that make your listening more enjoyable. I personally love my Shure SE112, which is an entry level in Shure family but very good earphones in the segment( If you can upgrade to SE 215, that’s even better). Also, I use my Marshall Killburn for when I want to listen it over speakers. Also, airpods ( or the variants of airpods ) are becoming very popular (I am yet to use one ) but if you think it has latency or low battery backup, I will insist you to get back to traditional wired earphones.

I hope with this suggestions, you will give podcasts a try. Some of the other suggestions that you can try to improve your experience of listening is- make a Podcast buddy- a friend with whom you can share your podcast and you guys can recommend each other episodes or what not. Also, share what you are listening on social media, this might help you to connect to more listeners and will make you feel part of the community. If you like what you listen, let the creators of that podcast know that so that it will encourage them to create more amazing content.

Meanwhile, if you have any podcast recommendations, do let me know on the comments or tweet me @avirandom (twitter.com/avirandom)

Happy Listening.


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  1. Rupert Wolfe Murray says:

    Very interesting and useful material. Podcasts are ideal for this time. But what do you mean by a “black swan” event?

    You can see my experience of the virus, in the UK, on my blog where I keep a sort of online diary. Here: http://www.wolfemurray.com


    1. Hi Rupert. Thank you for your comment. Black Swan is an unpredictable event that is beyond what is normally expected of a situation and has potentially severe consequences. It cannot be predicted beforehand. Many argue that Europe and USA could predict the impact of Covid-19 at the start of year but they ignored it. So that argue that it’s a case of human and Govt. ignorance rather than a black swan event.

      Thanks for sharing your website and happy to connect with you.


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