Audible Review after 10 months of Usage

I subscribed to Amazon Audible exactly 10 months back and I resisted the temptation of reviewing it before because I didnt want “new” purchase baisness to affect my review ( to me honest, I have not posted anything in last few months, so I should not only attribute the lack of review to only that). Audible membership comes with 3 free credits (for the first 3 months) and one credit every month of the membership. You can purchase 1 book with one credit. That means if you are listening at the rate of one book per month, you don’t have to pay anything extra outside your membership fee.

The first book that I purchased was Michelle Obama’s Becoming and I am not surprised that I enjoyed my first audio book. The evidences were right there –

1.  I love books.

2.  I love listening to Podcasts.

3.  I admire Obamas.

4.  Michelle lend her own voice for the book.

5. It was free on Audible (Not technically but I redeemed my free Credit )

Becoming was indeed one of my favorite books of the year and for me it was a good start was audible. Over the next few books I found other dimensions for audible :


Another one of my favorite Audio book was Atomic Habits by James Clear

Because of kind of podcasts I listen to, I enjoy more non-fiction audio books than the fiction. Somehow the pace management for me is more important in fiction, that’s why having a book(or a e-book) in hand makes me feel more in control.

Somehow in the books where the writer has given his/her’s own voice feels like more personal and enjoyable to me.

I prefer in-ear listening (earphones, headphones ) than to listening on loud-speakers . So unlike podcasts, I cannot listen to the book while doing something else (lke cooking, driving etc)

I use 1.25X times pace of the original reading because the original pace sometimes feels too slow.

Since I mostly listen to books at nighttime, I fall  asleep sometimes and the audio keeps playing. I loose the track of the exact place to restart next day.

Thank god I can make in-app purchase now. When  Audible was launched  , you could only purchase (that includes redeeming your Credit ) from the website , which made the experience less smooth.

If I know about the narrator before listening to the book, it makes the experience more personal.

Difficult to re-listen a phrase or line if you want- unlike your book where you can re-read the exact line without hassle.

Can’t highlight and store/share the quote like you can do in your kindle, something I would like if possible in future.

Your account can work in multiple device. I can listen to the book both on my ipad and phone. (The last progress is also synced).

Based on your purchases, recommendation of the audible store may trap you inside a genre. Do not be afraid to explore more.

Have not tried any Audible special- would love to try one sooner better than later.

Sometimes I feel there should be more than one voice in the audiobook ( Actually it was tested in Malcolm Gladwell’s Talking to the Strangers. However, after listening to it, I am very indifferent about it.)

Why don’t they give free kindle book of the same tittle when we buy the Audible book, just in case I decide ” I would rather read this book ”


My Current Audible Library

You can see, I have many thoughts about the Audible but overall my experience of using it positive and I will recommend it to readers who also listen to podcasts, who passively spend time commuting everyday or people who just want to explore it. It can be also a good leap for people who wants to try digital book but somehow still petrified when you mention kindle to them ( But why, Kindle is amazing ).

Audible membership costs only INR 199 per month in India (It costs almost $15 else where )



7 Comments Add yours

  1. Nish says:

    I tend to lose track while listening so I don’t think audio books work for me. That said, I once tried poetry on Audible and it was fantastic, much better than reading.


    1. I must tried poetry on Audible… I never enjoyed reading it too much to be honest so may be listening will be better . Thanks for the idea 🙂


      1. Nish says:

        I am not too fond of poetry either, but listening to it is definitely better than reading it.


      2. Agreed .. Will give it a try. Thank you


  2. S says:

    I have been meaning to get my hands on Becoming. Will do sooooon now.
    Just like all your other posts related to books , thanks for all the great recommendations.

    The idea of audio books doesn’t appeal to me much – I am not so much into Radio / Podcasts. I tend to get distracted with my own thoughts instead of paying attention to what is being said.
    However, I think for audio books to be successful (i.e. appealing to me) – they must be written in a different way than regular books are. Turning regular books into audio books makes little sense to me.

    If the audio book had a distinctive voice and a conversational style which pulled me in – that would be interesting and easy on the ears. Right now listening to audio books is quite an effort for me.
    This did not happen when I moved from regular books to Kindle – I quite enjoyed Kindle right from get go.

    Would you say audio books is only for those who like listening to podcasts?


    1. Sorry for late reply as I was away from the blog. First of all, I agree with you that Audio books should be written in a different way then regular books. If you compare them with Podcasts, I would say Podcast still have more innovation and conversations than audio book but for non-fiction, I think audio books can add good value. It is sure not a natural transition like the one in e-books, its completely different. I suggest take the audible subscription, and try Becoming from your free creditis. If it still does not work for you, may be its not for you.


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