That Rolling Stone Magazine ! ( Do you collect Magazines? )

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This week, I said goodbye to my magazines’ collection. I had bunch of some old editions of National Geographic, Lonely Planet, The New Yorker and The Rolling Stone magazines. As the space is the constant issue, I had to choose between some books and these magazines and I guess you all know by now how it ended.  (Thank god for Kindle, most of my recent book purchases have been on the device)

Goodbye Old Friend

I still couldn’t throw away couple of Rolling Stones and New Yorkers.  One of the Rolling Stone is rather my favorite piece of magazine. There is an interesting story behind it. Back when I was studying in Delhi University, I frequented to a news stand in Khan Market that had almost all the international magazines. They were expensive and out of reach from my small college allowances. There were 2 magazines those days that I fancied the most: Four Four Two from England ( football) and the American edition of Rolling Stone Magazine ( music).

One of the magazine that was in the shelf was Rolling Stones’ 2004 edition of “500 Greatest Albums of all time.” The introduction was written by Elton John and the top ten was dominated by The Beatles. It was the most amazing thing ever and possessing it was everything that I wanted that time.  I was particularly broke that month and couldn’t afford  it but I promised myself to buy it next week. Come next week- it was gone. Later I also tried to find it in Dariyagunj’s Sunday street book market. I usually bought most of my  Four Four Two and old National Geographic there. But there was no luck this time and I gave up on it. ( I did read the entire thing online tough )

500 Greatest Albums of all time

Years later Rolling Stones started it’s Indian edition which was cheaper than the international one (also I was not so broke anymore) and they reprinted “500 Greatest Album of All Time” in India. I couldn’t believe my eyes. That red cover was calling me out and I ran and bought the copy. It still stands on my bookshelves and I have read it cover to cover so many times. Though I gathered courage to throw away the rest of my collection, but I couldn’t let this one go. I had too many memories with it.

I also wanted to know- do you collect magazines ? Do let me know your thoughts.


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  1. Abhijit Ray says:

    Nice nostalgic story of passionate magazine collection. It always felt so enticing and so curious to dive beyond the glossy cover pages.


  2. Diana @ Thoughts on Papyrus says:

    I don’t collect magazines, but I totally understand why people would do and will not throw them away. I guess I collected Sight & Sound magazines since I have so many – a lot, and I cannot imagine throwing them away no matter how much time passes. I will go back and reread some film reviews there and draw some inspiration.They also show what films were hot and popular back then. Having said that, I do regret buying some glossy travel magazines because they often have more advertisement and pictures there rather than insightful and useful content 🙂


    1. Thank you Diana for stopping by. I do agree that travel magazines have become the novelty of past. I have never seen any Sight & Sound Magazine though I love your thoughts on them. Cheers


  3. kokilagupta says:

    I do, I do! But, my collection has mostly hindi magazines.
    Reader’s Digest and its Hindi version- Sarvottam, Children’s magazine -Suman Saurabh, literary magazines, Hans and Sarika, Kadimbini from my mother’s collection.
    Glad your post reminded me of those… 🙂


    1. You do ! that’s amazing. I never knew there was a hindi version of RD. I had read RDs for so many years but not these days 🙂


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