Ramsay- The brothers Who Knew the Infinity (Of Horror)

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The First Family of Indian Horror Genre 

The story begins with a pivotal moment in history – India’s partition. Like many many families during the era,  F U. Ramsay along with his wife and seven sons migrated to India. But unlike many, this family made a mark at a larger scale. May be it was coincidence or providence , they ended up in center of films after migration – Mumbai.  First business was something not filmy – they opened a radio shop.. In Lamington road (whose traders have many stories to tell in themselves). They had a successful shops in Lahore and Karachi which would have left back with utter despair, probably not realizing that in few decades they will grow to beyond shops and to a legend. They would leave their mark on the film industry by becoming the masters of horror. No one in India experimented with the…

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