Ali Smith’s Winter

Winter by Ali Smith

No they are not related. Ali Smith’s Autumn was followed by Winter and everyone wrote that they are part of four season books. Autumn was the poetic interjection of the Britain in transition-  whereas winter is the  cold aftershock. Wait a minute- they are indeed related. Not the characters, and the settings, not the art in discussion, not the places , not the languages they speak, and the arguments they make – but they are related (my bad !).

I don’t know what to write about Winter expect that it is beautiful- right from the book cover to the verses to the pages with the leisurely spaces. The opening pages will grip you on- the first line of the book says “The God is dead” ( followed by all the other beautiful things that he created ) and you understand that she starts this one with the conflict. In between the dialogues and well placed humor, Ali gives the lesson in politics, economics and art. She writes this book in an ordinary pace with the characters that may not live long with you – and yet it is stunning in all its right.

The beautiful follow-up of the most beautiful book of 2016- Ali Smith’s Winter proves once again that she is the master of her craft.

I rated Ali Smith’s Winter 4 out of 5 stars in goodreads.

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  1. I have been meaning to read something by Ali Smith for the longest time now. Your review makes me want to read it soon.


    1. Yes, there is kind of charm and art in her writing and I will highly recommend to you. Try ” How to be Both” . Thank you

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