Autumn by Ali Smith #ManBookers2017

I really enjoyed reading Autumn by Ali Smith, but I still don’t know what it is about. Media coined it as the first Brexit novel but Smith covered more ground the just Brexit. She uses the classical literature, philosophy, mystical historical characters to hide her real message.

Although I am big fan of my Kindle but when Ali Smith comes out with a book, always buy the hard copy. I love how she uses the spaces and length of book. It feels like you are reading a piece of art rather than just a book. The book cover looks like hand painted scene of Autumn that sets you in mood of the autumn. The fonts are big like poetry books and she does not use spaces economically as if she wants to live those lines, rather than just read them.

Autumn in-fact is not a stand alone book. It is part of the four season books which will release soon ( Winter is already announced ) . When you read this book, Smith makes sure that you feel that you are reading a book from a author who is master of her craft.

Friendship, old age, literature, art, politics, refugees – this book is about so much and yet about nothing. I rated Autumn by Ali Smith 4 out of 5 stars in the goodreads and is very strong contender to win this year’s big prize.


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52 thoughts on “Autumn by Ali Smith #ManBookers2017

  1. The randomness with which you explain the book really entices me to put this book in my TBR list. At the risk of being repetitive – yes the book cover is surely very attractive. And the concept of a four season series very interesting.

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  2. Hi Avinash! I thoroughly enjoyed your book review. The brevity of it without losing out on the essence of the book. Your review does create interest in the readers towards the book. Autumn sure does look like a intriguing and enigmatic read. Thanks for those great recommendation. Will buy and read it soon. I invite you to read my blogposts at Hope to see you there soon. Cheers!

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  3. The joy of reading from a book can never be replaced by Kindle. 🙂 Adding this book to ‘To Read’ list and subscribing to your blog for more books. 🙂


  4. This was my first read of Ali Smith, though I’ve been aware of her work for a very long time. I’m unsure what it was about too, I found it somewhat cryptic with a scattering of insights and reflections, that moving back and forth in time, the age disparity and all the modern/classic references, it had a bit of everything. Winter awaits.


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