School of Rock for Blog

Every blogger is an impostor- they all lie about something. I have met so many of them and I know that they are not real. They are hiding something beyond your pictures, smiles, posts and prose- there is something beyond their blog that they are protecting – and their this ability to disguise make them awesome.

I am glad to participate for the Blogchatter’s My Friend Ganeshaย Alexa which is like a support group for bloggers with questionable Alexa rank (Ok, that maybe just me with 5 million odd rank ). This is a community activity and I am sure it will help us to improve the reach of our content to more people. We may look like a dysfunctional rock band but isn’t that the part of charm.

ย Yes, it stands true- all bloggers are impostor- hiding in the veil of words. This campaign will help me find out what they are hiding inside them- a traveler, a writer. a mom with good advice, a friend who has your back, a movie freak, a sports geek, computer games expert, a books manic or a random person who shares my voice.

Credit to #Blogchatter for organizing this and motivating to the bloggers.


44 thoughts on “School of Rock for Blog

  1. The Support Group for Bloggers is exactly what My Friend Alexa is, and I am finding so much inspiration being a part of it my first season here. I enjoyed reading how you succinctly described it in your post. All the best with your blogging journey!


  2. Ha ha. You are funny Avinash! You are right – all bloggers (and writers and poets and politicians ) are imposters – some do it for verse, some do it for words, some do it for worse!

    Following your blog now. Shall visit again soon.


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