My First Post from the WordPress Mobile App 

Me and my laptop are inseparable. I rarely leave it behind, it’s always in my backpack. Actually I have been told by so many people that why can’t I  leave your apartment without your backpack ? It’s difficult to make people understand the constant need to be closer to the laptop. 

 What if I get a very urgent work mail where I need to make a report that can only be done on my laptop- 

What if I get an inspiration to write a plot for the next biggest bestseller and I dont have my laptop to write it down? 

What if I want to create a meme about how miserable can the life be with the laptop around ?

I realised that it may be almost like a disorder. It is not just me- I have seen so many of my friends bringing their work laptops to even to vacations, but they rarely use them. 

This time in the work trip to Khula Lumpur, I experimented with the trip without yeh laptop. I could use my phone for emails and ipad if required for presenting anything. Another concern I had in my mind was what if I want to write anything- though I have not posted anything on my blog in last month, or written anything worth sharing in a while – I still worry like a pro ! 

To address my concern, I travelled with Logitech K480 Bluetooth Keyboard. I really love this gadget as I can connect 3 devices with it and its fast and has that old school keys that are bit hard and make that click sound with each keys. I can mount my phone or iPad on the keyboard and voila- its ready to go. It runs on double A batteries which you can get anywhere. 

It is still early time in my trip and maybe so far I have faired decently without my PC but only by the end of the trip I can fully become cured of my laptop disorder. 

7 thoughts on “My First Post from the WordPress Mobile App 

  1. I have a similar affinity to my laptop. Not that I’d take it n vacations because SAHMs don’t need them,but I’d miss it like I’d miss breath in suffocation.


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