My Favorite Podcasts

I started listening to Podcasts with mostly fiction with Serial and Night vale , both I recommend if you are looking for the fiction space but now my list may appear wee bit boring to few of you.

Currently my playlist is completely dominated by non-fiction. The most of the podcasts that I subscribe to are related to books, self help, science and business.

-One of the best gifts of Podcast is access to NPR (National Public Radio of USA) . They have some great Podcasts like TED Radio Hour, How To Do Everything, Hidden Brain among which Hidden Brain is my absolute favorite. Using Science and Story telling as it’s two elements in narration, the host Shankhar Vedatam takes us to the hidden and unseen part of Human brain that effects our day to day life. I rate it very high and it is the must have podcast in your playlist.


-From BBC I subscribe to the Listening Project.The idea of Listening project is the conversation of ordinary  people who drop in to BBC studios throughout the UK. It shows that every human life is capable to storytelling and there is so much to learn and relate from very conversation and sometimes you need not be a bestselling author or blockbuster actor to be entertaining.

–  In business category, I love two podcasts. One is HBR Ideacast (Harvard Business Review) features Corporate leaders and personalities- learning from their past, present and future endeavors.  Also they include talks from researchers and writers from HBR magazines and brings interesting insights. In the same category, I also enjoy The Mckinsey Podcast which mostly covers their latest research.

– I am also addicted to TED talks- there are two great ways to consume TED talks through Podcast- TED Radio Hour produced by NPR is 50-60 minutes show where they integrate 2-3 talks from same topics and also involve personal interview from the speakers. I enjoy this more than the regular TED talks that are also available on Podcasts.

– For Books related, I subscribe to The Guardian Book Podcasts and The Book Review run by The New York Times.


I would love to know your favorite Podcasts.

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