How “Serial” Changed the landscape of Podcasting

Serial, developed by “The American Life”, is hands-down the most popular podcast ever. It’s popularity was matched with the critical claim and it made the world notice the podcast for good. The Serial became the first podcast to reach 5 million downloads in the iTunes alone. It is reported that the first episode is downloaded around 68 million times.

Serial is the long form story telling of the criminal investigation. It blends the elements of good story telling and investigative journalism. Hosted and produced  by Sarah Koeing, the quality of writing is matched by good sound mixing, pacing and proper serialization of the non fiction story.

Also in the series :

Do you Podcast ?


With the increase of popularity of “Serial” the attention came back to podcast as the medium. When “Serial”started in April 2015, Podcasts were around for already 10 years but there were not many mass reaching channels. With many viewers of Serial, also many advertisers paid interest. To be honest, the advertisers and analysis were always bullish for Podcasts but there was no tangible momentum in the industry until ‘Serial’ made the wave. CPM (Cost per 1000 impressions) of Podcasts were higher than traditional and other digital medium which kept many advertisers away.  But the very personal nature and long shelve life of the content makes it a good investment for the advertisers and many early adapters were rewarded. Serial’s initial advertisers, MailChimp and WBEZ benefited with it’s growing popularity.

Moreover, Serial helped the podcasting platform to realize it’s potential which was always talked about since the beginning of the medium. Many mainstream brands now advertise in Podcasts and also millions of listeners are added every year- and there was one ‘Serial’ that changed the landscape of Podcasting with two successful seasons.


The serial is available in all major Podcast apps. You can also directly download from


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  1. I have been Podcasting since 2006, revamping my current format, equipment, topic and delivery system. It’s a huge world and Podcasting allows us to create it however we wish


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