Do you Podcast ?

In 2004, the Guardian article coined the word “Podcast”to previously unnamed open source radios. Within 1 year, in 2005, Podcast was named the word of the Year. It is world’s newest media, and it’s popularity is growing day by day. There are now 60,000 active Podcasts on iTunes alone with a data suggesting that 17% of Americans are now active listener of the podcasts. Another data suggest that 80,000 minutes worth of Podcast content is created each day, from the different walks of life.

The great thing about the Podcasts are that they are democratic, free and there is no censorship. You can listen to Podcasts from anywhere in the World, unlike Radios that are local content only. Also unlike 24X7 radios, most of the podcasters develop content for 18-30 minutes of content per week, so the quality is very high.

Random Facts- George W Bush became the first Global leader to deliver his weekly address as Podcast

Podcasts presents a great medium for the content creators, marketers and listeners to come together in one platform. For such a rich media, Podcasts still have lower cost of production than most of the popular medias and is rising platform for entertainers, journalists, preachers and motivational speakers for reach a wider audience.

Random Facts: Though Music and comedy is very popular category but Christian Podcasts are the single most popular category by the number of Podcasts

In this series, I want to discuss some of the famous podcasts, podcasters and promoters on this platform. Also what it takes to produce a podcast and what kind of advertisers are using Podcasts and what kind of content is winning. Also I will recommend my favorite podcasts.

If you love podcasts, please leave your favorite podcasts in the comment below. Do watch this space for more Podcasts related posts.

Love and Peace

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  1. I think I am much away from Podcast or I should say do not know much about it. Avinash!


    1. Hello Shiva. I will recommend some good podcasts in this series, so I request you to please try some of them, you may enjoy this media

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      1. Ok Avinash!

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  2. MyBookJacket says:

    I adore podcasts. Favourite ones are Lore and Slate Audiobook Club.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for sharing your favorite podcasts. I will try them

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  3. I love podcasts, especially those which feature author interviews and discussions on books.


    1. Great to know that. Any particular one you recommend ? I have subscribed to Guardian Book podcast and NY Times book reviews in this genre.


      1. Book Riot one is good which I have subscribed to


      2. Thanks for the recommendation. Cheers


  4. ReVitellect says:

    I started a podcast fairly recently and have been listening to other podcasts more as a result. Thanks for sharing some details about it. It being a new medium may explain why it is comparatively less popular. My podcast is centred around self-development, education, and creativity. If that sounds like something you’d like, you can check it out here:


    1. It is great to know that you started you own podcast . I will look forward to listen to them . Thank you for sharing the link


      1. ReVitellect says:

        You’re welcome. Thanks for the article 😀

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