The Sloth Gone Missing !

Credits : Zoothopia by Disney

I am finding it difficult to write these day- this is my seventh draft in seven days. I went back and read some of my old posts- I found nothing amusing there. I read some of the old stories that I had written. I got smitten by some of the characters that I had created- there was a musician who has devoted most of his adult life in writing the songs for the dead people in their funeral. He lives in the world that was once ruled by the magic but now the magic is fading away & the new order is  going to rule his world. His world is in transition, his soul is in transition- I understand now why he was behaving the way he was- because now I find my soul in transition too.

It is one thing to blog like a slob (which was me all the time ), but not blogging at all is another thing. I see my blogging friends very consistently writing with comfort- their experiences, travel stories, movie/book recommendations or just random musing. Their comfort annoys me & my discipline betrays me each time I stare at an incomplete draft. Some of my friends have successfully pledged to A to Z blogging challenge and I am posting my first post of the year.

I had thoughts about deleting the blog for the while- I am done so to my previous blogs but I decided to stay on. I like discussing my random thoughts here- my books, comics, movies & some travel stories- they are big part of who I am and by deleting it I will be deleting a part of me as well. A blog is a living breathing thing that needs both time and attention. I learned it a had way- it is easy to kill something but difficult to leave apart from it. I know so many of other bloggers like me had this thoughts about quitting and might have gone through the dry spell like I did. But they have proved from time to time that it is worth both the time and effort. Cheers to them.



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  1. A.D!! says:

    Sailing in the same boat. 39 drafts and nothing to talk about haha 🙂


  2. I hope you recover before I do – all the best


  3. okay i’d really like to read the story of the musician writing songs for dead people on their funeral!


    1. I will post it someday 🙂


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