Non-fiction November Recommendations

A lot of readers I know are purely devoted to fiction & they discard non-fiction as boring & irrelevant to their reading appetite. Although my share of non-fiction books has relatively decreased over past several months, I would like to share some of my favorites from recent reads to help you select for Non-fiction November.

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1 The Road to Wigan Pier by George Orwell 

This book was recommended to me by the fellow blogger Naomi  on one of the blog comments. It’s fascinating that Orwell, who has lived such a short life has penned so many amazing books. This book is an account of hardship  days in Yorkshire’s & Lancashire’s industrial belt. Orwell writing makes you familiar with life of unfair fear of hunger & unemployment. He is the poet of disgust & unworthy part of life that no one wants to talk about. This book is definitely the understudy of 1984 and you will never feel closer to 1930s’ North-Western England.


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Orwell's memoir of his time in Paris and London
Orwell’s memoir of his time in Paris and London

2. Zen & art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert M Pirsig 

I recent bought this 75th anniversary edition of the book
I recentlly bought this 75th anniversary edition of the book

I had been hearing a lot about this book in recent past and when I finally read it, I understood what was the fuss about. This book is based on the road trip to the picturesque North-West America  by the father and the son that inspired the generation and beyond. Using the metaphor of motorcycle maintenance, Robert passes an important wisdom of life. Through this meditative journey, both literal & philosophical, Zen & Art brings the story of past & present, growth & failure, acceptance & rejection and all the things that takes us as an individual & collectively as a group, forward. A must read.


3. Modern Romances by Aziz Ansari


There is no shame in admitting that most of us struggle at dating ( alright it’s only me). In this book Aziz takes a hilarious look in to modern dating & romances starting from his personal experiences. This is not your typical  ” you’re -so- funny why- don’t- you- write- a- book” book. He collaborated with Eric Klinenberg who bought in social study & statistics to support Aziz’s observations.

4. On the Road by Jack Kerouac

On the road

While reading about these road trips, you encounter many characters & walk of life but things that stuck most with you is the abstract details & language that became a symbolic representation for the entire era. It represents the sense of being young, free and brave along with the longing & vulnerability that comes with that- this book iss significant & important writing that you must expose your senses to it.

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5 The Immoral life of Hendrietta Lacks by Rebbacca Skloot 


If you are unaware about the existence of HeLa cells in the medical fields, then this book will expose you to many facts about this unique life that contributed so much, even after her death. Henrietta Lacks was born in poor Southern family & was diagnosed with the terminal disease. Her cells were taken without her knowledge & her cells still live through various medical research & triumphs of modern medicines like polio vaccines & vitro fertilization.

This book shows the very uncomfortable history of experimentation on African Americans & ungrateful burden of this knowledge.

6. Into the wild 


This is not one of my recent reads but it is surely one of the most influential book. It is a perfect poster book for non-fiction November.It is the story of the young man walked away from his family & most of his material possession. In the nomadic wilderness & untold beauty of human absence, John Krakauer brings the story of Christopher Johnson, whose story is somewhere lost between the self discovery & connection with nature and philosophy. This book has a bit of both ” On the Road” & ” Zen & Art” in it. Christopher had almost everything what most of us craved for, yet he managed to leave them behind & find something else.

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  1. MyBookJacket says:

    The immortal life has been on my list for a long time. I didn’t know anything about it, i just liked the title and added to my amazon wishlist to check later and I completely forgot. Thanks for reminding me of it.This is such a great list. Grabbing Modern Romance now.


    1. You’re welcome. Even I picked The immortal Life after my friend had gifted me. The book really surprised me & I am sure you will enjoy it, and also Modern Romances. Thank you for your comment 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Some wonderful choices. I’ve started to enjoy non-fiction a lot more over the last couple of years particularly because of my interest in food. I think those that have reservations about non-fiction miss out on a lot.


    1. I agree with you. Many readers have this reservation & they miss out on great books

      Liked by 1 person

  3. “Into the wild” is one of my favorites. “Into thin air” by the author was another favorite.


    1. I have not read Into Thin Air but I had bought the copy a long time back. Thank you for stopping by.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Lata Sunil says:

    I have read only Into the Wild in this list. I have started reading non fiction this year and it has been good so far. I will check out your recommendations.


    1. Thank you Lata for your comment. I am glad that you have read Into The Wild. I hope you enjoyed it a much I did. I also hope you will enjoy others from the list. Cheers

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Anupam Patra says:

    Into the Wild changed the way I saw the world. It’s such a great book. Will try a few others from your list too.


    1. I agree Anupam- Into the Wild has also changed the way I saw many things. Thank you for your comment. Do try “On the Road” as well


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