Book Review: Hot Milk #ManBookers2016

Book Cover of Hot Milk
Book Cover of Hot Milk

“I am not okay. Not at all and haven´t been for some time. I did not tell her how discouraged I felt and that I was ashamed I was not more resilient an all the rest of it which included wanting a bigger life but that so far I had not been bold enough to make a bid for things I wanted to happen….”

The above quote from the book “Hot Milk” is the perfect synopsis of the book. Readers who can relate with it are the one who will enjoy the book, others may not. This is why this book, nominated for The Man Bookers’  Prize this year, has have a very mixed & contrasting reviews. I often wonder how the older writers can present the point of view of  the younger characters so well. The other book that I am reading currently is by Saul Bellow which was written when he was 82, but without much effort he has successfully narrate  from the much younger character’s hat. One thing is sure that these characters that these amazing writers can create are not the normal characters & neither is the one created by Deborah Levy, the author of Hot Milk.

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Sofia is the young anthropologist who has spend most of her adult life finding the cure for the mysterious disease of her mother’s limps.  Her Greek father has left them behind in their Yorkshire home & married someone very young for his age in Athens. Sofia who could not pursue the higher studies in her field, mostly because of her mother’s illness, has decided to take an expensive treatment in the coast of Southern Spain. She meets people, fall in love, step backs, stand up for her herself- she is young, intelligent, frustrated, lost & bit profound.

I enjoyed Sofia’s point of view- her confusion, her emptiness, her emotions. Her relationship with her mother is a strange one- where you may wonder who is playing the mother & who is playing the child in their relationship.

I rated Hot Milk 4 out of 5 stars on Goodreads- a dream-like ambiance, the mysterious illness, the strange doctors & the stranger people- this small book has all of the above.

Next in the series- “All that Man Is” by David Szalay

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  1. Wow sounds like a good read!


    1. Thank you for stopping by 🙂


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