Can’t believe have not read them yet

Good Omens was my first Terry Praichett book
Good Omens was my first Terry Prachett book, read in 2015

Until this January, I have not read The Catcher in the Rye. Before December, I only knew that Oscar Wildie is fabulous writer but when I read “The Importance of Being Earnest” , I realized what I was missing. I followed it up with “The Picture of Dorian Gray “.  Last January I read my first ever Earnest Hemingway book, ” The Old Man & the sea”. And here comes the biggest one- I have read only book one of Harry Porter.

I can’t be the only one who call oneself a reader without actually reading some of the greatest books. There are still so many in my list that I can’t believe, I have not read. I have met people who are yet to read The Great Gatsby or Lord of the Rings. Others who have never read any of the Shakespeare or Charles Dickens. Thankfully, I am not alone.

Another author whose books I have not read yet is P G Wodehouse. He is loved and adored by his many many readers. Finally, I decided to fill by reading void and asked my friends on twitter to recommend me one PG Wodehouse book to start up

tweet question

Thanks to my friends, I got following responses :

Tweet Divya Mahajan

Tweet suggestion

Twitter suggestion 2

Thanks to these suggestions, I got a starting point in to the world of P G Wodehouse.

3 thoughts on “Can’t believe have not read them yet

  1. I think one shouldn’t get bogged down by the need to read the classics. Reading is important and yes what you eventually read makes a difference but it can be done for entertainment, spiritualism, introspection, and for many other reasons. While it is good to read the “greats” don’t feel disheartened if you haven’t.


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