Book Twins (Part II)

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On the same theme of the Book Twins, I present you following book twins from my list:

3. Da Vinci Code & The Krishna Key  :

Still from Da Vinci code, the movie
Still from Da Vinci code, the movie

Dan Brown’s Da Vinci code was a genre defining book in every prospect.  It broke the best selling records of the era and it was my personal favorite for long time. It opened the style and tone for many future thrillers. It questioned one of the most powerful organization of the world, the Vatican. Brown’s style is to use the names of the real organizations and historical figures to build his world of fiction.

[Bonus Read: When we abandon our role models, featuring Dan Brown]

the krishna key

Ashwin Sanghvi used the same theme in his third book, the Krishna Key. The dependence of Dan Brown’s style was so evident in his book that it almost appeared like a fan fiction. Sanghvi was riding on 2 bulls. The success of mythological fiction in India after the success of Shiva Trilogy & already popular Dan Brown’s school of writing seemed to be the motivation behind this book. A good effort but lacked the depth and originality of its muse.

I rated Da Vinci Code a 5/5 stars on the goodreads whereas I gave a generous 3/5 stars to The Krishna Key.


4. Gone Girl & The Girl on the Train.


Both Gone Girl & the Girl on the train won the Goodread’s reader choice awards in their respective year of publishing. Gone Girl was also a successful Hollywood project and Girl on the train is soon to be a major motion picture. Both thrillers features mysterious women characters with an unusual narrative. In Gone Girl, Amy goes missing from her house and after many days of search, the police concludes that she was murdered and few Agatha Christie level twists later, you realize you have been punked.

girl on the train

The Girl on the train also is very much in Gone Girl’s genre. Paula Hawkins’s book central character is the alcoholic train-wreck who is almost living her rock bottom when she finds herself in center of another murder controversy. A good read but I didn’t enjoy it as much as gone girl.

I rated Gone Girl 4/5 stars on Goodreads whereas 3/5 stars to the girl on the train.



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  1. I liked Girl on the train more than Gone girl actually


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