Death on the door step (RIP- Harper Lee )

“We have reached an age where we will see death of people we admired, frequently. “ My friend texted me this message when she read about the death of David Bowie. David Bowie was our kind of rockstar.  He was an avid reader, a creator and a thinker. He questioned major television networks, political parties and dead-old perceptions. He imagined things and loved space and universe- he had an alter-ego & his music lived all of his personalities. His death marked an end of era for certain type of music followers.

Bowie as Ziggy Stardust
Bowie as Ziggy Stardust

[ Did you know– David Bowie played the character of Tesla in the Christopher Nolan’s critically acclaimed feature film The Prestige. Click on the picture below to know why Christopher Nolan begged David Bowie to play this role ]

Why Nolan begged Bowie to play Tesla in The Prestige ? Click to know
Why Nolan begged Bowie to play Tesla in The Prestige ? Click to know

Few days after Bowie’s death, there was another death of the beloved guitarist and musician Joe Walsh who is better known for his role in the Eagles bands, as a lead guitarist. He joined Eagles in 1975 and the first album they released after his involvement was Hotel California, that immortalized the band. His soul also departed in 2016, and he will be always remembered by his fans and music lovers in general.

[Did You Know– Joe Walsh did a mock campaign for Presidency in 1980 with the slogan “Free Gas for Everyone.”  The idea was to create an awareness about elections. ]

Joe walsh

This brings me to our beloved mocking bird. Harper Lee. She was in news recently, after she released her only second ever novel in her 50 years of writing career. For many years, To kill a Mocking Bird was her only novel. It was favorite and darling of every book club and library. The closest she came to writing another book was “In Cold Blood” where she assisted her childhood friend Truman Capote in researching and drafting the book.

To kill a mocking bird

Last year, “Go Set the Watchman” was released and there was so much talk about Lee’s life in solitaire and her friendship with Capote. There were also myths and rumors that she never actually wrote “To Kill the mocking bird,”and was actually ghost written by Capote. However, there is no proof of such claims and once Harper release The Watchman, all these rumors were at rest.

At the age of 89, we say goodbye to the creator of our beloved novel. May her soul rest in peace.

Rest In Peace
Rest In Peace


PS: The title is inspired by Memoir by Khushwant Singh, Death on my Doorstep,  where he writes about aging, life and death.





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  1. Ishita says:

    Rest in peace, Harper Lee.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It’s “watchman” and not “watchtower”. When I read the title, I was baffled for a minute 🙂 I am one of those few people who did not like the mockingbird novel. I liked the idea and the story, just not a fan of her writing.


    1. And I didn’t know it was Bowie in Prestige. Thanks for the info


      1. Your Welcome. Bowie acted in quite a few monies. It’s a shame that for an actor of his caliber, he had only few films to show for it


    2. Thanks for correcting me. My mind just conned me that is Watchtower. I have not come cross many who have not enjoyed Lee’s writing. However I understand her writing can be drag sometime. T


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