MAMI reviews #2 Heavenly Nomadic ( Sutak)

Sutak posterAfter waiting in the queue to watch Taxi Tehran for almost 20 minutes, I gave up and went to the screening of Heavenly Nomadic in next Audi in PVR-Lower Parel.  Heavenly Nomadic or Sutak, is the movie from Kyrgyzstan, about Kirghiz nomad family based in the mountains. A family consists of the Old couple, their widowed daughter-in-law, 7 year of grand-daughter and grand-son who is studying architecture in the city.

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The movie buys its time in establishing the routine of the family, that starts from the night prayer to the moon followed morning cattle razing of horses and sheep. Set in the Mountain village, the movie enjoyed the scenic beauty of the green valley, snow kissed mountains, milk colored rivers and tented house in the middle. It reminded me  of the childhood drawing that we all drew in our art classes in school- mountain, river, rainbow, birds and a house.

heavenly nomadic
A still from the movie

As the story moves forward, a love angle is established between Saihyr (daughter-in-law) and Ermek, who works as a meteorologist there. The best character of the movie was the 7 year grand daughter who lighted the screen each time she smiled or asked one of her curious questions. There were no one really a lead in this movie as each character got enough screen time. The plot gets interesting change of pace when the grandson visits the mountains during his vacation.

Through the symbolism of local legends, the old couple tries to convey their feelings to the younger generation.  There are traditions, beliefs and insecurity toward urbanization. Even when the movie ended, the scene from the mountain stayed long with me. I rate Heavenly Nomadic or Sutak 4/5 star.

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  1. nams forever says:

    Avi you actually encourage me to watch holly wood movies. Thank you for review 🙂


    1. Thank you. But this movie is from Kyrgyzstan, not Hollywood. But I get what you mean 🙂


  2. Alok Singhal says:

    The entire script would have kept me spellbound, for i love mountains and the sceneries anyway.
    Maybe it speaks a lot about the location of country!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, indeed- it speaks a lot about the location. I hope you get an opportunity to watch it

      Liked by 1 person

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