MAMI Reviews #1- Chronic


Mumbai film festival
Mumbai film festival

Last week, Mumbai was blessed with the 17th edition Mumbai Film Festival that opened in Cinemas all over the city. It is organized by Mumbai Academy of the Moving Image (MAMI) and I can say that it was the best marketed edition ever. Compared to previous editions, this one had long queues and popular multiplexes under its radar, that was also helped in the increased awareness of the event.Barring few cancelled shows, event partner also deserves the credit for handling the bookings and screening very professionally.

In this series, I have decided to the review the movies that I had a pleasure to watch during the festival. Though I missed the A-listers like Lobster, Taxi Tehran and Room but I did manage other interesting tittles.


Chronic movie poster
Chronic movie poster

I should have not watched this movie first thing in the morning. Starring Tim Roth, Chronic is the story of the male nurse who takes intense care of his terminal patience. Needless to say that the movie had a sad ending.

It has a very non-Hollywood screenplay. For the mainstream movie-goers, this movie will depend extra time to adjust with the pace and atmosphere. Tim is an excellent character actor and he embraced this complicated character. There is history of personal loss that results to over-compensating with the patients but thankfully the narration does not goes into flash-back.

Another thing that works for the movie is the use of still cameras. The convenience of of using background scores was eliminated to allow the sound to be more complimenting the atmosphere.

Though there are so many elements that work for the movie but there is also the case of missed opportunity. Many things in the movie seemed inconclusive, I guess director wanted audience to make their own conclusions. The end seemed like a forced period in middle of a complicated sentence and some supporting cast were deprived of the deserving screen time.

To conclude, I can say that Chronic is a great film festival movie but it will be interesting to see the reaction of the box office about this one. Tim Roth proves his meddle again but even for its novelty, the movie had some missing ingredients. I rate Chronic by director Michel Franco 3.5/5, may be half extra for those camera works.


Next Movie- Heavenly Nomadic ( Sutak)

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  1. nams forever says:

    Thank you for giving a glimpse of the movie. Curious to watch Non-Hollywood screenplay and its sad ending.


    1. Nice to see your comment there. Have a great weekend


  2. Hello Avinash can you tell me how is the creative writing course at Xavier’s. I read you’ve done a course there. Actually i was thinking about British Council’s creative writing in New Delhi but was also seeking options in Mumbai. I like writing fiction, Novels and Short Stories. Thanks


    1. Hi. I believe that the short writing course at Xavier’s will be useful. If you need to know anything further, do not hesitate to email me . All the best !


  3. BellyBytes says:

    I actually attended the MAMI press conference but to be quite honest, I find film festival movies quite difficult to understand – they are often too deep, too dark and too complicated. I like a movie to be fun and entertaining or at best informative…..I often feel that film makers are a spoilt bunch who unnecessarily use up resources, time and energy to indulge their own fancies and fantasies.


    1. Very interesting point of view from you. However I dont feel all festival movies are difficult or dark- I saw some brilliant movies like Mistress America, Mantu, Taxi Tehran in that years edition- if you are open minded about them, you may discover some great movies which you otherwise miss in mainstream.
      There are different genre of movies and there is different audience for them-So f you find movies which are not according to your taste, you can also escape them . I hope you find my comment useful . cheers 🙂


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