My Tuscan Holiday- An Excursion to Siena

Perfect way to start your morning. Beautiful pictures fro Siena, a renaissance city from Italy, and a great post by Ishita.

I recommend you to follow her blog if you love travel, food, wine, books and mostly Italy.


I visited Siena on a radiant day from Florence. Although a few hours is not enough to see this gorgeous Tuscan town, I wanted to go anyway.

DSC03358 Gothic Siena

DSC03366 Palazzo Tolomei

DSC03354 Banners of Siena

DSC03372 The Duomo from a distance

A hill town known globally for its Palio- a horse race that happens twice every year on July 2 & Aug 16, Siena also prides itself in its medieval walls and stunning square.

Siena also has a deep history. It has been Florence’s rival since the Middle Ages because of its power and several territorial and economic conflicts not to forget that it houses wondrous works of art just like Florence. Siena is a photographer’s dream with its old buildings and narrow alleys much like Florence.

DSC03390 Narrow alleys

My Tuscan excursion to Siena was mostly walking around the town which is the best to get a sense of place. I wanted to see…

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5 thoughts on “My Tuscan Holiday- An Excursion to Siena

    1. I have been planning for Italian holidays for so long. I am just living those moments in these pictures. Will love to read about your Florence experience. If you have already posted it, please send me the link.


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