Almost living the dream with Tattva #Kathmandu

” You are living the dream man !” That is what I said to my friend Uday whose cafe and Bed & breakfast, Tattva- Bistro and bar,  is now open for business. A month before the earthquake that shuttered Nepal, I was in Kathmandu catching up with my family and friends. During this visit, I had the first hand experience of Tattva.

Uday, along with his childhood friend Rishavh has started it where you will find the right amount of the hipster Nepali culture, with their love for music & local craft in its full display.

The tables outside
The tables outside

You will notice an old Victorian clock mounted on the pole and the Tantrik faces hung on the rugged wall. The inside of the bar is more warm and cosy. There is screen where Uday has promised to play Manchester United game whenever they are playing (now you know why i am writing this post :P) along with portrait of Rock n Roll icons and Buddha.

Tattva means" Element" in Sanskrit
Tattva means” Element” in Sanskrit

But Tattva’s charm is that its ambiance is just warming you up for the mean feat. In our closed circles, both Uday and Rishavh is know for their music and if you are lucky, you may end up enjoying their jam sessions. And then there is food. I leave the pictures below and refrain from describing it because I really dont want saliva to drop on my laptop ( yeah, I really need that free beer next time i am there, so little extra flattery for the chef there :P)

The Food @ Tattva
The food is accompanied by great ambiance and lovely music
Did I mention the word amazing?
Did I mention the word amazing?

The rooms and facility upstairs are different story altogether. That is when you don’t want to go away from that place ever. Usually they prefer the guests who stay there for longer duration ( 2 weeks or more ), but will not mind a few for shorter stays as well (Do contact them in advance if you are planning to stay). I was impressed by the selection of furnishing around the room, that gave so much personality and personalization to the culture there.

Having done my share of stay in Bed and Breakfast in many cities, I have an understanding what may work and may not work when it comes to rooms and facilities. I can confidently say that in Tattva, Uday and Rishavh have managed a very competent and warm place that the travelers will absolutely admire and love.


The view of the Room
The view of the Room
Tattva room- kathmandu
Handcrafted carpet and bamboo Coat stand gives adds local flavor in the room



I imagined myself sitting in this table and writing the next bestseller. Yes, i dream a lot 😛

Next time when you are in Kathmandu, don’t forget to drop by to enjoy a glass of beer with amazing music, good food and Manchester United on the screen.

I always dreamed of quitting everything and start a place like this (along with a bookstore and a recording studio) where I get an opportunity of meeting and serving travelers from around the world. When I told Uday that he is living a dream, I not only meant his own dream but also the dreams of many others, well, almost !


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  1. ishitasood says:

    What a great warmplace your friend has put up. Kudos to him and best wishes 🙂 He is really living the dream 🙂


    1. Thank you Ishita for the comment. I will forward your wishes to him 🙂


  2. Rakshit Monga says:



    1. You must visit there


      1. Rakshit Monga says:



  3. Archana Kapoor says:

    what a lovey place! Kudos 🙂
    cheers, Archana –


    1. Thanks for stopping by Archana 🙂


  4. Looks like a nice place…loved the pictures…. 🙂


    1. Thank you Maniparna 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  5. raginipuri says:

    The food photos are tantalising! You did not mention where in Nepal this lovely place is.


    1. Hi Ragini. It is in Kathmandu.


  6. priyanka vermani says:

    lovely pics.tempted to visit Kathmandu


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