Sanskaari Social Media Advice

Beta, Ashirwaad toh lelo via
Beta, Ashirwaad toh lelo

A good family always believe in keeping in an eye on their kids even if it includes creeping them out and asking annoying questions about their friends. Some parents even try hard to discover the sexuality of their kids by invoking Justin Bieber, One Direction, Varun Dhawan and Miley Cyrus in the casual discussion.

However with the rise of social media, the medium of usual creeping and stalking the kids has been changed. Parents are happily making their facebook profiles to share God-fearing Sai Baba photos (if you don’t share them, dragons will slay you ), Desi medical remedies ( like how excessive use abuse of neem can bring shine to your dull pubic hair)and Dainik Bhaskhar’s daily WTF news featuring the Housewife who urinates in her in-laws tea (ok, this particular news is by UK’s Daily Mail)’. But the real purpose of these profiles is to keep an eye on the newer generation of their family.

Once I was cornered by a worried uncle. I thought it will be usual shaadi talks where he will coolly inform me that I can marry any modern and independent girl who may not be allowed to enter kitchen when she would be menstruating. But that conversation was reserved for different kind of irony. He was apparently worried about my choices in social media. According to him, my posts does not reflect that I am very sincere and sanskari, a blow to his Alok Nathic wet dreams. I tried my best to handle that conversation as maturely and sincerely as I handle arrange marriage talks, that is- by making an attempt to run-away from the room or by making fart noises from my armpits.

But I somehow agree with him. People will judge you according to your social media profiles so it is important to fake it. So even when ‘Facebook ask you Ā “What’s on your mind?, remember that it is yet another trick question and you should not end up saying what’s really on your mind (otherwise you will see Sai baba replaced by Sunny Leone ). So my dear friends, occasional religious post, non-sarcastic Feeling-blessed posts, occasional Modi praising and a picture of you driving your family car will take you there.

And remember, whenever you see your Buas and Maasis on facebook, don’t get fooled that they are just there to share their satsang selfies.

20 thoughts on “Sanskaari Social Media Advice

  1. A wonderful write up. I really enjoyed reading it. thank you for sharing it with me. As far as the parenting is concerned do give chance to my recent book the gang of wonderkids… if you do, i would love to have your opinion on it … cheers ! have a great day ahead


  2. Social media brings out the hypocrite in us all. Going by FB status, everybody’s life is a happening party every single day.
    Cute post. Honest. Hilarious.
    P.S- What is ur uncle’s current FB update?


    1. Thank you Dr Sweety for your comment. I agree, sometimes i feel i party the least when i go through facebook status of folks.

      Anyway, about the uncle, it will be cool to leave him out now. I am not ready for another round of sanskaari lectures. šŸ˜›

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      1. haha. FB does make routine lives look dull, but it also makes people plan vacations & events with a firm eye on future FB updates. It must be our deep seated wish to be in limelite and be appreciated.


  3. Fart noises – yuck. I obviously come from the same generation as your buas and chachis but thankfully I don’t have time to stalk my grown up kids or my young grandchildren. FB , Twittter and all those Social Media things are something I could do without. As it is, I find technology very intrusive and hate my mobile going ping ping all day long.


    1. You are a good mom but i have seen Moms and aunties do that to younger people- however i feel our society is still in transition when it comes to social media and we all are still evolving as how we should use it and how we should not Thank you for your comment šŸ™‚


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