A like for Dahi Please !

Aah .. Dahi
Aah .. Dahi

Before I discovered the fun loving, alcohol dipped dudes and food frenzy of Delhi, I was introduced to the cruel summer heat and hopelessly rude city during my first real encounter with the capital. My hosts for the chaos were Sushil and Sunil, and in the streets where you will find Manish Sisodia campaigning these days were our backyard in those days(ok, now you realize this post has been in my draft for too long). There were times when we were up all night and used to talk about insanity that this city is, not only because we were good friends, but also because of the insomnia sponsored by 45 degree Celsius, 6 hours load shedding, FIFA World Cup 2006 and a crazy housewife next door. Only saving grace in those days were the 400 gram packets of Mother Dairy Dahi (curd) that were packed for two but we preferred 2 packets each. That chilled bacterial form of lactose was better than the bowl of ice cream after each heart break that Delhi offered us each day.

While Delhi was literally doing Dimag ki Dahi (making yogurt of our brains- well some phrases should not be translated ), the Dahi was saving us from the heat and the madness. Years rolled down and my days of hating Delhi was behind me. I fell in love with its madness, made peace with its weather and started associating with the cities flaws.

Click on the picture and give a like to Dahi
Click on the picture and give a like to Dahi

Sunil decided to dedicate rest of his life in the service of Dahi. He started this Facebook page that only 66 people thought was cool but he writes awesome Dahi poetry and monologues. Please spare your like button for this page and show love to encourage Sunil to come out with cooler than ever Dahi-fanboy stuff.

What you may see in the future?

– Yo Yo Dahi Singh Rap ( Tunne Mere Raita… ka kar diya Siyapaa..)

– Annual Dahi Appreciation Award ( Feature Award- Dahi Innovation Award- Past winners include Shubham Jain for making Kimaan ka Raita)

– All India Backlol’s Dahi Toast

– Podcasts including interviews of Misti Dahi sellers in Howrah station.

So I request you all to show the love for the Dahi . Here is the link.

P.S- As you guessed, this post was sponsored by the founders of Dahi page in exchange of 5 Million Dollars of Monopoly Cash.


20 thoughts on “A like for Dahi Please !

  1. Thanks a lot brother. Haven’t already offered you the best of the best Dahi of Nepal on Facebook, I can now only say that THIS blog would always remain special for all us Dahi Lovers. “May The Bacterias Be With You”.


  2. What a fun and unique post and more extraordinary is the FB page. I liked it and it seems fun. I also love Dahi in all forms and cos I am too lazy to set it at home, I depend on the ones available in boxes or packets 😀


    1. Kabhi Dahi Na kehna
    2. My Name is Dahi
    3. Dahi Dahi Hota Hai
    4. Life of Dahi
    5. Captain Dahi

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