Draupadi: an inspiration for Chanakya?

Beautiful Post by Dr Sweety Shinde

Impractical Dreamer

The exotic and fiery Empress of Indraprastha. {5000 B.C.E}

The homely and cool headed diplomat cum Kingmaker. {370 B.C.E}

What possible thread could bind them?

Draupadi as portrayed by Rupa Ganguly  chanakya

I] The loosened HAIR, the oath for REVENGE:

Chanakya was insulted in full court by King Dhanananda. Stung at this barb, Chanakya unfurled his shikha (knotted braid) and swore not to tie it until Dhanananda’s evil rule was demolished.


Draupadi, heinously insulted in Hastinapur’s court. Verbally, physically and psychologically – swore not to braid her hair until her sinners, the Kauravas were avenged in battle.

In both cases, their righteous rage led to a ‘Constructive Destruction’,

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