2014: The Year of IIN

Idea's IIN is equivalent of everything about 2014
Idea’s IIN is equivalent of everything aout 2014

Nothing this year made any sense. 2014 was suppose to be epic. A landmark year in the stories of our lives. Our generation were suppose to rave about it in years to come. But what we got in return was pretty average and non-significant, where promises were big and delivery was lame. Last month, Idea’s  IIN commercial aired on the television. That commercial summed up the year for me:Simple, straight and worthless. A kid who escaped his years of puberty to prove his father that one need not be in IIT to look awkward and constipated in public places.There were so many hidden messages in the advertisement that it started making sense of the year 2014. (Watch the commercial if you have not yet) :

1. IIN is the metaphoric representation of Amit Shah as IIN knows everything and you can learn a lot when you are around it (meanwhile it is learning about you). IIN, like Amit Shah, is the invisible force that is behind the biggest events of the year.

2. Idea’s creative team and agency represented Rajdeep Sardesai. Like his shameless efforts to sell his book in the spirit of “whatever it takes”, Idea tried to prove it’s exclusibility to internet and superiority over other networks  by just bragging about the utility of internet. Worked for Rajdeep, will work of Idea.

3. The talking drone represented Manoj Kumar’s Kaleidoscopic Hanuman Chalisa yantra. Like all the problems in the life could be solved by wearing the yantra (beware of the counterfeit product. Watch out for Manoj Kumar’s picture on the box), talking drone bridged the gap between a baker father and ambitious son. Also, the son got a platform to rise up as a love-child of Steve Jobs and Tim Cook and also feature in TOI front page along with Deepika Padukone’s cleavage.

4. The father’s ambition matched the ambition of Arvind Kejriwal’s. Father was like, “If you can’t make it to IIT, start working in my bakery”. In Arvind’s version, “If no Lokpal in 1 month, no need to be CM (because he have already made it to IIT).

5. Absence of Abhishek Bachchan represented the quality of movies released this year led by Happy New Year and selection of Youngistaan in the Oscar long-list.

6. Germany won the football World cup and ISIS rose to power. World has an Official Yoga Day, our Prime Minsiter quoted Star Wars in a public event in US, Shrinivasan is still the head of ICC, India has a major Hockey/football/cricket/badminton/tennis/Kabaddi league, ISRO launched the mission to Mars and Moons, and Idea still things Drone is the new stuff. ( I am not judging)

And I thought Airtel makes the worst commercial. 

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  1. Haha. Quite a sarcastic post. Yes, 2014 was supposed to be the year of achhe din and all that jazz, but your post sums it up quite properly!


    1. Thank you Sreesha. I can’t believe this year is already over


  2. God! I hated this ad from the first time I saw it. At first I thought they said IIM and then wondered why would IIM want to advertise on TV, they are anyway an established school..

    But this was really a bit creepy, stupidity at its peak and a cheap impersonation of a couple of movie scenes.. I wish I could sue these guys 😛


    1. I share your sentiment. I hope I can tell you how I keep my tempers under control when i see this commercial. When i saw it for the first time, I thought IIN is one of the new Sharda university clones. Damn, it turned out to be worse.

      Thank you for your comment.


      1. He he he 😀 .. How about the Lovely professional university or dare to think beyond harvard? 😛 😀 ..

        No wonder people feel that marketing is such a sham!


      2. Hahaha..so true Vinay 😀


  3. Avi one more from the basket …. witty, hilarious and RIP IIT/IIM after this 🙂 people will start their own IIN 😉


    1. Thank you Aziz (Long time, no see?)
      I am sure many IIT Deans suffered a mini heart-attack due to this commercial 😛


  4. rumadak says:

    Nice Post with right amount of sarcasm!!
    Talking of ads, I have been watching lot of amazingly nonsensical posts since my last two months in India, some of them are worse than Ekta Kapoor serials!

    I wanted to write about the one I despised the most and still can’t get an ounce of relevance from… It’s about some watch .. I think Titan Raga or something where a long separated couple is having a coffee together and blaming each other for not changing and they somehow use the watch thing in it!! I seriously don’t get it!

    And I agree, when I saw the IIN one for the first time, before it got finished, I almost wondered if there is a new IIT/IIM like institution I am not aware of!


    1. I agree with you. Standards of commercials have even started challenging the average saas-bahu serials.
      Will love to read your post on this matter, however of all these sorry commercials, i don’t think Titan Raga one is too bad. It wanted to make a point that how men can’t image being without work while they happily suggest the same to women. True, too much of feminism in commercials is a clique now but at least it is the right kind of feminism. Do you remember some matrimonial commercial where guy tells his parents that ” his wife is working because she likes it, but not to share burden of the household expenses”. He said that when his parents complained that while he makes good enough money, why his wife bothers working. That commercial was offensive to the very idea of feminism. As if, women treat work as glorified kitty parties.

      Thank you for your wonderful comment. Have a great year ahead 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. rumadak says:

        I still couldn’t get why they related it to a watch..maybe time doesnt change few things n few people …blah blah


  5. Maybe watch represents her pride


  6. Also, the son got a platform to rise up as a love-child of Steve Jobs and Tim Cook and also feature in TOI front page along with Deepika Padukone’s cleavage.


    P.S: can’t wait for 2015 to begin!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you “S”. All the best for 2015


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