Case Study: How to do a movie “Promoshan”, Feat. #DearVsBear #Puns

Movie Poster

While Interstellar and Gone Girl have taken away all the box office charm because of the fictitious terrifying future and the fictitious terrifying woman respectively, only few “bright” minds had noticed the emergence of another mastermind that was featuring fictitious terrifying film-making. Β I am talking about the hindi feature film”Dear v/s Bear” released under Bhojpuri industries’ Yash-Rajique banner Lotus Films. Here is a study of its movie promotion that worked effectively in its limited budget thanks to unlimited creativity and bravery.

1. Make a blow-by-blow detailed trailer:

“Is it a self aware humor?” A friend asked me when she saw the trailer. I had no answer of that question, but that was a genuine question. There is always a talk to success formula in movie promotions and a good trailer is important part of it. The movie trailer had all the contents of an excellent movie trailer:

– The slide-show of romantic story arc that moves from initial hatred to eternal love via Football and poor VFX.

– A love song, skin show & comic exchange of dialogues.

– The character’s motivation ( to kill everyone with a football, no kidding).

– Anil Kapoor lookalike bears and Maruti Omni (because blowing up Lamborghini is too mainstream )

Verdict: Nailed it !


2. Give yourself an Irrelevant international award

Even before movie’s trailer was released, the film poster showed two major awards:

– Best Feature Film

– Best Actor

By whom? Does it really matter, if it is some Cannes lookalike award?

(Bonus Read: Case Study- How did we lose track of money, feat Race 2)

3. Relevant Brand Placement

The important thing that the promoters of DvB (Dear v/s Bear) learned was that their audience were different from regular Bodyguards and Happy New Years where audience were advised to leave their brains at home. It is a sophisticated movie and its audience are not TV watching menopausal aunties or pre-puberty-Honey Singh loving kids. Hence, they decided that they dont have to make the compulsive pre-release visit to Comedy Nights with Kapil, KBC or kiss Salman Khan’s ass in Big Boss. Instead they choose Rampal Sweets and Restaurant. The reason was simple: because nothing says I love you like sweets made from pure Vanaspati ghee.

Dear v/s Bear billboard, where it matters the most
Dear v/s Bear billboard, where it matters the most

Also, the promoters realized that they need to address the (graphically distorted) animal lovers. Their research team found out that the real animal lovers live in Uttar Pradesh who even call the old Vikram Tempos (Tuk-Tuk) Suvar (Pig) because of its front is designed as Pig’s horn. Take the image below as example: The Tuk-tuk owner calls his vehicle Sherni (Mrs Tiger) and has a DvB banner on the back. Genius.

Dear, Bear and Mrs Lion
Dear, Bear and Mrs Lion

4. Confuse your audience

To be honest, if I had to choose between the movies seeing at the posters below, I would be really confused. Alright, the one at the right has two most admired looking actors but still, both posters were serving each other as both posters had:

a. A girl and a boy in a dangerous situation but posed in an imaginary sex position.

b. Fire explosion (behind football playing bear) against the water explosion.

c. A helicopter (shame they didn’t put the Maruti Omni in the poster, oh wait, they did) against aircraft.

Verdict: Confused Audience.

Ohh i hate comparisons but this one looks a tie
Ohh i hate comparisons but this one looks a tie


And if you are wondering why the post’s title says “Promoshan”, well, I am only learning from the best.

Promoshan in Meerath: Again leading by example
Promoshan in Meerath: Again leading by example

Note:Β All images are taken from the Official Facebook page of Bear v/s Dear. Yes, no need to waste any photoshop or paint brush skills on this post.

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  1. latasun says:

    its funny. But as you said, the ‘promoshan’ is working!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. get it right

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I can’t believe you spent time writing about this! Did you also go for the premiere to show solidarity? πŸ™‚



    1. Oh, sadly this movie was not released in Mumbai. I regularly made pre-release queries to the distributors if they had any plans to release it on IMAX. It was perfect for my friend’s bachelor’s party πŸ˜›


  3. creatikaa says:

    Hilariously brilliant work done by the production team. And very well reviewed dude. Good one!


    1. Yes, their production team did so well that they awarded themselves 2 awards. Thank you for your praise. Hope to see you around πŸ™‚


  4. Is it really a movie? πŸ˜€


    1. Yes, it is. And it’s my duty to bring it to your attention πŸ˜›


  5. Awesome… And you have played a huge role in the Promoshan πŸ™‚


  6. Hilarious review Avinash. Thanks for the rofl.


    1. Hahaha… your welcome. There are only few takers for my brainless posts πŸ˜›


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