My Favorite movies featuring the Beatles

I don’t know about most of the people, but my favorite scene of the movie The Social Network was the end credits. Not because I didn’t like rest of the movie, it was a fine movie and brilliant screenplay, but it was the song “Baby, you are a rich Man ” that made me jump up and down and smile with LSD stretch on my lips. That is what the music by the Beatles does to me.

Here I have complied the list of my favorite movies that not only features their songs, but also the Fab four themselves ( in no particular order)

1. Living in the Material World 

Living in the Material world is the documentary based on George Harrison’s life directed and produced by Hollywood legend Martin Scorsese. The movie focuses on the view points from George’s friends and families and takes us the tour of his lifetime where spirituality became a big part of his life. One of the best documentary made on the Beatles.

(PS:  I share my birthday with George)

Living in Material World
When Legend makes a movie on Legend


2. The hours and times 

This 1991 movie is fictional account of events between John Lennon and then Beatles manager Brain Epstein’s holiday together in Barcelona. It was the worst kept secret that Brain Epstein was homosexual and there was lot of speculation in the Beatles camp about the trip.

The Hours and Times
Directed by Christopher Munch

3. Two of Us 

Another fictional account of meeting between Paul and John in 1976 where they discuss the possibility of re-uniting the band. There are long conversations about their lives and they rediscovered their bond.

Two of us
Two of Us, released in year 2000

4. Nowhere Boy 

This movie by Sam Taylor-Wood shows the teen years of John Lennon. Here, John’s relationship with his Mom, aunt and uncle is the main focal point of the plot. Also, his first love and friendships is explored in this 2009 made classic. Must watch

John Lennon before He was Beatle
John Lennon before He was Beatle

5. Yellow Submarine 

I often wonder how they made such an amazing animation before there were computers. This trippy and adventurous movie is based on Pepperland. The Beatles agree to go there to save the land from the music hating outlaws.

Yellow submarine
Beatles being awesome, with little help from their friends

6. Across the Universe 

Not big fan of covers but each track covered in this movie are so awesome that they have been immortalized in my playlists forever. No Beatle is directly connected to movie but their presence is as big as it gets.

Across the universe

7.  Help 

Help was the first multi-color motion picture by the Beatles released in the prime of Beatlemania. The humor is rich and parts of movie is fascinating as it allows you to travel to the golden era.

When in Beatlemania, you need Help !
When in Beatlemania, you need Help !


What do you think about my list ? Any suggestions to make it better, do leave your comment.

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    1. Thank you Maniparna 🙂


    1. Thank you for sharing the video 🙂


  1. Shaun DCunha says:

    Great list. I love the Beatles. They are amazing musicians and brilliant songwriters.


    1. Thank you Shaun. I agree with you. They are the best and will always be loved 🙂

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