What happens when we abandon our role model ?

Tweet by Penguin Publication
Tweet by Penguin Publication

I saw the tweet announcing that Dan Brown will be in India for a event by Penguin. It made me both happy and sad. Sad, mostly because I was not happy enough. Because I was surprised that the announcement  didn’t make me jump up and down. The writer I idolized, dropped his name in the debates, defended his books almost everywhere, wasted hours in writing the counter-reply to people who criticized him and,  I am not acting like a college kid with the Sunburn pass after knowing he will be in India? Well, the thing is the Dan Brown is no longer the hero I idolize. I still admire him but for me, his beatlemania is over. Even though I pre-booked his latest book, I might skip his next one altogether (however, that might not be true). I have abandoned him as my role model because I stopped connecting with his later works and unhappy with his over-dependence on Robert Langdon.

So this brings a question, what happens when we relegate our role models to mere admired personalities? What corner of our heart is assigned for them ?

In this era, we are guilty of changing our heroes and gradually relegating their roles to lesser influences sooner than that was accepted in the previous generations. Last winter, everyone were joyous over victory of Arvind Kejriwal in Delhi. He was made hero and role model for his simplicity and clean image but within few months, he was reduced to mere jokes.  Sports-personalities live the same faith. I can’t believe when “former fans” of Rodger Federer ask him to retire when he looses a grand slam final, like being 2nd or 3rd best is not accepted at all for the athlete who use to be world’s best.

I guess its easier when role-model becomes the hate figure, like for many it became in the case of Lance Armstrong or Tiger Woods. But what happens when someone just stop being a role model for us. I think so its kind of relationship you can associate with your one time girlfriend with whom now you have totally moved on. You still wish her well but you don’t miss any heartbeat for her.

In case of Dan Brown, I am still in awe of his books and the characters he had created. He developed that certain interest in me for ancient religions and symbols but later I was disappointed that he didn’t moved on from Central Europe and America. He didn’t explore the ancient homes of religions like Egypt, South America, India, China, Japan or Greece (maybe he mentioned them here and there, but nothing too significant). Maybe because I expected too much. Still I am glad that he is coming to India and there is an opportunity to listen to “once-a-role-model” in person.

Have you abandoned any of your role models ?

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  1. latasun says:

    Dan Brown’s books began to follow the same pattern post Da Vinci Code. And now, he is following CB into movie scripting type novels. I know how you feel. I liked Dan Brown too, once upon a time.


    1. Hi Lata. That is so true that quality of his writing has diminished since Da Vinci. I think so that is what movies does to most of the writers

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  2. it often happens with writers.. i was shell shocked to find out that enid blyton was a manipulative person in her real life …same was true for many of the other authors i idealized… I guess a writer is not exactly his/her work like any other human being


    1. Yes, most of the readers live this faith. We fall too soon for the writers. I think so it is safer to idolize dead writers


  3. A very thought provoking post Avinash. Enjoyed reading it.
    I think not just with writers but otherwise as well, we do drop role models as we grow – both mentally and as we grow old and mature. As an example, my Mathematics school teacher was my role model when I was in school, then I idolized by VLSI professor, then my HR Prof and now it’s Sheryl Sandberg. So, as we grow and change, people we look up to changes 🙂


    1. Thank you Parul. I agree with you that as we change our view point, we tend to find new roles models in our life (or is it vice-versa?)
      But I think so every former role model is always present in our heart and we always wish them well.

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      1. Yep! The old ones are never erased from memory

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  4. All cricketers after the first match fixing scandal broke out long long back!


    1. Well, i think so cricketers have just stopped being role-models altogether


  5. ankitsw1 says:

    Gone through Midnight children and Malgudi Days both are awesome.


    1. Ankit, I think so you commented under wrong post. Anyway, thank you for stopping by 🙂


  6. Novemberschild says:

    I personally never experienced my share of disappointment when someone you have looked to as a mentor is no longer someone to look up to. But when the role model fails because someone is no longer living up to your expectations, doesn’t mean they weren’t a good role model for you before. It is important to remember that the stronger your expectations, the higher likelihood of being disappointed.


    1. I think more younger we are, more seriously we take the virtues of role models. I think so changing role models and their roles is part of the growing up act. Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving your lovely comment.

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