Which was the last watchable Airtel Commercial ?

Remember those irritating courtship couples from the Airtel commercial. Their discussion on the separate veg and non-veg section on a night before their wedding, the selfie marathon on IM and their other disastrous all-night talks.  It was impossible to watch television without those commercials.

Yeah this girl in particular
Yeah this girl in particular

Well, roll the calender to a month, and there is new commercial that is equally mindless.

Here is the commercial I am talking about

So why this dumb commercial is so stupid:

We are feminist but still sanskari :

What is unusual when your boss gives a tight deadline to a project and entertains no negotiation? Its like everyday at work. But no, when its delivered by saree warped boss to a hipster looking subordinate, there is more to the story. Because our sanskari boss have to go back home and cook for her beloved husband, who is still working, because she said so.

We love to Stereotype

So, the lady boss has a driver who is driving her from work to home but no cook. I think so the ad-makers decided that Priya, the saree boss, can only afford one paid help, so let him be a driver because women folks are generally not good drivers and are usually good in cooking, so let her cook. I dont know if there was a male boss in there, he had to cook.

In office:Wife= Boss= Priya. But in the mobile: Priya=Boss=Wife

In office, he calls his wife/boss by her first name, but when his mobile rings, it shows the name “wife”. I am yet to find someone who saves wife’s number as “wife”, rather than the name itself. Again,lazy writing for the commercial.

Orders to over-time and then suggest to ignore it. 

Step 1: “You have to finish this big project today. You have no bloody option…hahaha”

Step 2: while leaving- “Are you doing alright assh*le ?Call me when you are bored”- still giving the devil boss looks

Step 3: “I am reaching home in chauffeur driven car. As we don’t give fuck to wasting petrol by going in separate vehicles, what do you want to have for dinner, my Chubbylobby.”

Step 4: “Come home  my boytoy, I am bored.”

Step 5: “Oh damn you “bohot kaam”. Come home now, I am your boss at home and at work…hahahaha. Fuck the project, I wanna do some spanking.”

We love Sci-fi (the video calling at the end)

Have you ever tried video calling in India, like in any network? The v-call of the ad was like science fiction. Never-ever , video call happens of that quality. Never, in this country. And so much food lady, did you cook for the entire office ?


  • If it was really a smart phone network commercial, why not show “work from Home” rather than video calling that no body uses.
  • If the wife really wanted to be romantic, why not stay back and help hubby in project, leave the office together, make/order dinner together and then watch Crime Patrol (or any other similar romantic show they like )together.
  • This commercial is not about  Women Empowerment or breaking stereotype, but rather hypocrite and dumb.

What are your thoughts about this commercial ?

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31 thoughts on “Which was the last watchable Airtel Commercial ?

      1. Yes Avinash, I had a daughter of around 2 years old and she use to keep me busy with so many activities once I reach home at evening. 🙂 I will definitely say Hi to her from you…


  1. Thankfully I have never seen it 😀 But I sued to get a lot of head ache over their playing football over the border ad. I mean what did they ever do for peace anywhere in the world and yet they would appropriate the message as if they are not a telecom company but a mission workign on world peace 😀


    1. Yes, it is irritating that they don’t focus on their network and VAS, which is terrible by the way and spend a bomb in advertising. There entire strategy is to do Emotional Attyachar to the viewers


  2. Exactly my points. Actually I was discussing about this most irritating ad with my friends…..how come she cooked so many dishes ? :-O Is it essential to cook ? Is caring for your husband means you HAVE to cook for him ? and the most important thing a diligent boss never left her/his subordinates to work alone….

    This is a 5 starred post from you… 😀


    1. Than you Maniparna. Cooking is such an important part of being a woman in India it seems. I think so even if you are an astronaut, you are suppose to cook for your husband from the space station 🙂


  3. As spoken you think in the direction which I cannot imagine.This ad was pathetic but doing analysis on it and too this is something out of the box


  4. I so hated that earlier ad where they discussed the menu a night before the wedding. And now this. Some serious lacuna in the concept of this new ad. I dont even know on which points should I be more angry or irritated about ?? Well written and well pointed out.


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