10 things Indian non-footballing janta learned from #FIFAWorldCup2014

As I rightly predicted How Non-football media in India will cover World cup, I am back with some learnings that our non-footballing janta have learned from the World Cup.

1. Brazil Football team is like Spiltsvilla 

Neymar.. Eliminate hogaye kya ??
Neymar.. Eliminate hogaye kya ??

Many youngsters in India decided to ditch Spiltsvilla for Brazil football team. And why not, there are babes, young,passionate and over-rated boys running around and media going crazy over them. And there were tears, disappointment, elimination and drama, who needs MTV.

2. England Football Team= England Cricket Team 

Papers will write about them, media will rate them but they actually suck. That is England cricket team for most of Indian but come Football World Cup, and we realize the football world is no different. One friend suggested that Wayne Rooney should be dropped so that he can be Kevin Peterson of Football team. Make sense.

3. Holland v/s Australia in Football is inversely proportional to Holland v/s Australia in Cricket.


4. Irina Shayk= 100 Anushka Sharmas

No caption needed, right
No caption needed, right


5. Maria Sharapova knows who is David Beckham, and so do we

They know who David Beckham is , Maria Sharapova know who David Beckham is, even Alia Bhatt knows who David Beckham. Popularity proved.

6. Indian Football reporters are worse than the Prime Time Panelist 

7. John Abrahim and Gaurav Kapoor are no Football expert

8. Its not always cool to support Brazil.

Hum EK Saath Hai :P
Hum EK Saath Hai 😛

Brazil team is so united that their official motto in Hindi should be Ek Saath (1-7)

9. Everyone in Coratia Football team have same similar names.




10. Only Americans call it Soccer and Indians call it FIFA 

Yea, we think calling the game FIFA is swag.


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