Thank God I didn’t post that

Since we all are part of our sinister little world of broadcasting , where some of our friends are happy to even share the color of poop of their adorable dog. We all post at the speed of thoughts, thoughts which are deceived by the glitters like hunger strikes and Ferguson’s endorsement.

Last week, WordPress informed me that it was my blog’s anniversary, which made me to go back to the blogs that I had posted and some drafts which were not completed. While going through the drafts, I was thankful that I didn’t post some of them.

So, here are some near Foot-in-the-Mouth moments I had. Or, as I say, thank god I didn’t post that:

1. A lengthy defense of David Moyes, even though everything was going wrong for him:

Moyes Hail Hydra

While everything was going wrong with him, when everyone were going against him, I still believed in him. I was annoyed by the United fans who were not backing their manager, David Moyes- aka Fergie’s Choice. As months passed by, I was still holding my patience and was going to write a very lengthy defense for Moyes, which thank god, i didn’t post that, because 2 weeks after that, he was sacked but with the optimism back in the United’s camp, I now think it was right to fire him.


2. Honey Singh will crash and Burn

Honey Singh sharing screen with Amitabh
Honey Singh sharing screen with Amitabh

Right now, Honey Singh has the world under his feet. Couple of years back, I had predicted that Honey Singh was clown of his own kind and will not stay around for much. There was also a canceled show in Gurgoan (of all the places) due to his sexist image, that backed my thinking. Roll the time now, Honey Singh is not only successful among the Mallviya Nagar/Model Town boys, but has also penetrated in India’s elite, women and children. His songs are not only played loudly in the North-India’s SUVs but also in wedding celebrations, discotheque and Indian parliament (Ok, not yet, but I won’t be surprise when it happens )

3. Wrote a movie review of 3 idiots


It seems, 3 idiots is one of the most loved movie of all time. I have seen people invoking 3 idiots in conversations in the same level of admiration of Sholey and Gunda. Within a week of movie’s release, it was evident that this movie was everyone’s favorite. However, this movie didn’t strike the cords with me. In fact, I was  disappointed by the movie. Not only the movie had bunch of 40 year olds as college going nerds, but also an exaggeration of genius quotient to exponential level. “Five Point Someone”, on which the movie was claimed to be based on, was a book about 3 friends, who were ordinary, 5 pointers, not the success stories we usually read about. But our film makers can not let the hero be mediocre or even relatable with Mango population of our country. Amair Khan plays messiah throughout the movie with neither any character flaw nor any academic flaw. Too bad that the script had no scope of showing his athletic and martial qualities.

Turns out where I found the movie very average, which I almost posted, I saved myself debating and defending my opinion to the Rancho fans and hence thank god I didn’t post it.


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  1. You should post that 3 Idiots review! Keep blogging!


    1. Thank you. Now I feel i should 🙂


  2. I am also with you in the minority of people who didn’t enjoy 3 idiots and I guess it is best to keep it to ourselves – my friend was outraged when I told him I didn’t like the movie. Oh and did you know it was remade in Tamil ? 🙂


    1. I feel such a relief when I am among this minority. I am too tired of explaining people that why I don’t like this on, and yes I have faced the outraged fans a lot. And I have no idea for the Tamil remake, but I am sure it made fortune.


      1. Yes it did and though I didn’t watch it, I read in a review that they threw in an extra belly dancing number 😀 maybe its a good luck charm for movies these days !


      2. Ohh yes, belly dancing changes the entire equation 🙂


  3. teny says:

    I haven’t found anything special with Chetan Bhagat’s novels or this movie. Do post it in detail some time 🙂


    1. Well, for his books, its been established long before to avoid them, but his movies are bang on box office. As you said, there is nothing special about his books and movies,but the public sentiments are totally against us it seems 🙂


      1. teny says:

        Yes, almost everyone on my friends list who usually watches Hindi movies loves them. I struggled to make sure that I don’t end up watching 2 States with them 🙂


  4. Yes, i struggled to keep a straight face when people were praising 2 states 🙂


  5. Even I did not like 3 idiots. That movie had no sense and I still wonder why people liked that movie. The humor was so bad and most of the jokes were inspired from internet jokes. I cannot stand Honey Singh’s songs.


    1. So true. Honey Singh is such a punishment and you are right on the money about the the 3 idiots.


  6. I think there is nothing right or wrong in the blog world. One’s thoughts are one’s own and just because majority thinks otherwise, it need not be wrong. I have seen reviews that don’t mirror the majority opinions do better than all those ‘me too’ reviews. It takes guts to be different and hold on to one’s opinion.

    Destination Infinity


    1. I do agree with you. The whole point about blogging is to express on “your views”rather than doing a commentary of popular culture.
      Thanks for your comment and motivation



  7. i know with majority of people having contrasting opinion…presenting our opinion doesn’t seem worthy enough! but I would say if we still try to express our view, the world is big enough to find people having similar views as ours ! 🙂 nice one !


    1. Yes, sometime it is too tiring to argue, specially when its backed by fool’s argument.
      But thats why we blog. To express and to get heard.
      Thank you for your comment


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