Doordarshan’s Aankhen > CID (#PunsIntented)

No other Television series has slaved more than CID in India. Right from the time of Aahat to the times of Bade Chutiye Achhe Lagte hain , CID has been single handily saved SET India’s ass in so many years. But the big question is: Is CID the greatest Indian defective detective show ever? If you are saying yay, then you are obviously wrong.

Doordarshan, along with the famous banner of Ramanada Sagar bought a amazing show which will bring not only CID but also 24 to shame. To prove me right, I have to just play the theme song and I rest my case.

Maybe the technology looks like designed by 7 year olds and bullet sounds  like imported from the kid’s toys, but Aankhen deals with bigger problems than CID. Here are the reasons why Aankhen > CID

1. The Purpose: While ACP and his league of laughable detectives deal with pity crimes in Malad (Suburb in Mumbai, where CID team calls it home), Aankhen on the other hand, took advantage of India’s loss to Pakistan in cricket tournament and leveraged it on Television show by showing dangers from Pakistan’s army, ISI and PCB(actually not PCB).It was shot in early 2000,before they know about Hina Rabbani Khar and Atif Aslam, it was safe to show all negatively towards the neighbors and it payed off.

2. The team : ACP Pradyuman, spite of doing great job since 1998 is still not promoted by his department. This shows his lack of charm. Whereas Aankhen’s chief is Colonel Dhyanchand. Yes, Colonel, think of a higher rank. Also, here is the snapshot of the team, if you want to compare head to head.

So you can see, No competition
So you can see, No competition

3. The Enemies: Again CID loses this round. CID’s prime suspect are everyday Tom converted into criminal minds. Aankhen enemies are Govt. of Pakistan and their foreign recruit, Carlos and his sidekick kangaroo. Even the mention of their names can freeze your spine.

The Badass Carlos
The Badass Carlos Courtesy: indicollect,com

To know how Aankhen team soved the crime and their challenges, please do watch the video below:

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6 Comments Add yours

  1. teny says:

    Even as I haven’t watched both of these, I used to love the series called Suraag on DD in the 90s. There was another good one called Tehkikaat if I remember the name right.


    1. I have not seen Suraag and Tehkikaat. I was more into Dekh Bhai Dekh when I was younger


  2. I’m sick of this CID and all other stuff ..serials ..those on SAB ( my mom-in-law is a devoted watcher ) wish I could kill the directors !!!! 😦


    1. You want to do what! Relax there. I can understand your frustration but killing might make them hero and people might make tribute series based on their work which might be worse.


  3. Damyanti says:

    I like the true crime series better– can’t get over the over-dramatic actor expressions on CID.


    1. No wonder it is so popular 🙂


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