Bollywood: Movie Tittles That Make no Sense

My sincere apologies for creating havoc by demanding sense from Bollywood. It is a  home of cinemas where logic and rationality are allowed to take the leave and sense and sensibility is excused for bigger cause: Entertainment, entertainment aur sirf entertainment.

Here are movie tittles which have no thoughts attached to it:

1. Bol Radha Bol (Translation: Say it Mary, just say it )

Entire movie is based on Kishan’s (Rishi Kapoor) sudden misery due to imposer and look-a-like Tony who takes away all his wealth , nachos and happiness after he returns from fun and dancing trip (Remember- Tu-tu-tu Tu-tu Tara, thodo naa Dil Hamara…songwriting at its best) to country-side India. Kishan fights back and gets everything back like a true hero. However movie name is Bol-Radha-bol, that sounds like 3rd degree interrogation to Radha (Juhi Chawla) whose contribution in movie were dancing in 2 songs and agreeing to wear terrible clothes selected by the costume designer.

Ok.. This needs a caption
Ok.. This needs a caption

2. Hum Aap ke Dil Mein Rahte Hain (Translation: I am the Parasite who lives in your Heart.)

Here is the transcript of the conversation between Director and Assistant Director during the making of the movie:

Dir: We need the lead character to look like NRI.

Assit. Dir: No problem, we will make him wear sunglasses from Aslam bhai’s shop in Hera Panna.

D: Brilliant. Also, we need to make this a family movie,what should be our theme.

AD: Sir, simple! Arrange marriage, Rich v/s poor, principles, values and love.

D: hmm. This shit is getting too serious. We need to light this up.

AD: How about you and Jonhney Leverji do a cameo of awfully irrelevant unfunny comedy.

D: Genius ! Last Problem, what should we name the movie.

AD: Anything unrelated. Probably the long lines from any song of the movie.

D: Done!!

The best Sun-glasses ever
The best Sun-glasses ever

3. Mein Prem Ki Diwani Hoon (Translation: I am crazy about Pringles)

Not only the title, entire movie made no fucking sense at all. Kareena’s aunt arranges her to meet Prem, a wealthy NRI who is visiting India. Kareena’s family goes all Alok Nath on the guy’s (Hrithik)ass who turns out to be the namesake assistant  of Abhishek. The movie had enough potential to end the career of 3 stars (Kareena, Hrithik and Raju Sirvastav) and Abhishek Bachchan who is still ullu banaying everyone.

Where being normal is not accepted
Where being normal is not accepted

4. Hote Hote Pyar ho gaye (Translation:  Eventually and Eventfully, we Found love in a hopeless way.)

Indian relationship experts says that if you go for love marriage, you will eventually go on fighting but in arrange marriage, no matter how incompatible your spouse is, you will eventually fall in love. The same shit happens in this movie where the great Dad of Tiger Sheroff, Shri Shri Jakie ji is arranged to marry Kajol who loves some dude who eventually cheats her. The movie titles says it all: Don’t come to theater or buy our DVD and we are so terrible, that don’t even download it for free.

Yes, Give me Some Dope
Yes, Give me Some Dope

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  1. Hilarious stuff. Glad to say I have not seen any of these movies.


  2. British Asian Bride says:

    Is is bad that I’ve seen all of these…


    1. No no.. Its not bad. We all have done that. The problem is that you cant un-see it

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Anita says:

    My score- Watched 3! Unrelated named except MPKDH 🙂


    1. Not bad, not bad 😛


    2. Anita says:

      *names* or titles 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Good one again! I am liking your writing style. It gets the reader hooked and you maintain it throughout the post! Good job!


  5. Thank you so much for the complement. Such motivations can only mean more bogus posts from me 😛


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