The Khushwant Singh I knew

Khushwant Singh joke books

I discovered Khushwant Singh in the Wheelers book store in the Railway station (I don’t remember which one but I think its Calcutta ). The book that won my attention was not Train to Pakistan or The Company of Women. I set my eyes on the Khushwant Singh’s joke books.

That was an era before SMS and Watapps. Even before email forwards. Before we knew that stand-up comedians could get full time job. The humor were restricted to Johnny Lever’s cameo in movies or some loud uncle’s ill-attempts  in the family gatherings.

His joke books were instant way for fame for me. Jokes made me popular; in school, in gully cricket team, in family gatherings and in neighborhood. Some of his jokes were taboo in nature, we called it non-veg, which made me famous among the older boys in the school.

As we grew up, the technology took over the joke telling experience. Now, the jokes were not told, they were forwarded. This has also taken a toll over my popularity (ok, I am just dramatizing it ). I try to clean the rust from the old humor bone through this blog sometimes, sometimes through tweets. Also, later I discovered the actual Khushwant Singh, his writing, his column in Hindustan Times on weekend and his books in Penguin orange paperbacks.

He passed away last month, at a giant age of 99. Its a late tribute to someone who was part of my bookshelf in two different timelines, for two different reasons.

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  1. KS’s satirical… they always make me smile as well as think… 🙂


    1. Yes, but most of the jokes in his Joke-books were contributed ones, rather than his own.


  2. pratiks89 says:

    Reblogged this on pratiks89 and commented:
    True icon. Didn’t complete the century in life, but your wit, humour and satire will be remembered for centuries to come.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Vinitha says:

    Great tribute and a great topic for the April A to Z!

    April A to Z challenge blogger


  4. subzeroricha says:

    Not a very big fan of his. Though husband digs him a lot! And did you give up A2Z?



    1. Ya Richa. Too many things happening. Blogging took a back step 😦


  5. kokilagupta says:

    Great one…For em he is always Toba Teksingh … 🙂


    1. 🙂 Thank you Kokila


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