The Inscrutable American #AtoZChallenge

The Inscrutable American
The Inscrutable American

If I have to make a list of Humor books from India, I will definitely put Anurag Mathur’s The Inscrutable America at the top of the list. Published in 1991, the book is the story of Gopal Kumar, son of a wealthy hair oil baron, who moves to USA to do Chemical Engineering.

Gopal is a pre-liberation, pre-internet and pre-globalization days youngster. The only source for him to learn about American culture was Letters to Penthouse!

His interpretation America, its culture and people is so amusing and funny that you can’t stop turning the pages. Its a tiny, 250 pages book, you might complete in couple of hours. If you are having a dull moment, grab the copy and have an instant fun.

My theme for #AtoZChallenge is Indian Books and related topics.  To know more about #AtoZChallenge, please visit the link 



8 thoughts on “The Inscrutable American #AtoZChallenge

  1. What a coincidence that you selected this word. No, it’s not my word today. I was preparing a post for a couple days from now, and the girl I’m writing about was described in her yearbook as having an “inscrutable expression.”

    Visiting from A to Z ~
    Wendy at Jollett Etc.


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