Himalayan Books

Himalayas is the nature’s pinnacle that proves that the limitlessness exists. Here are my favorite books based on the mighty Himalayas:

1. Seven Years in Tibet

Also a major motion picture with the same name starring Brad Pitt, Seven Years in Tibet is narrated by Harrer who during his adventures in Himalayas ends up in then British ruled Indian jail. He escapes to Tibet where he befriends young Dalai Lama. The book deals with the struggle of Tibet during Chinese invasion.

Seven Years in Tibet
Seven Years in Tibet

2. Into Thin Air

Jan Krakauer might be more famous for Into The Wild, however Into Thin Air is equally exciting read. The book deals with the episode of struggle, at what is world’s highest mountain, Mount Everest.

Into Thin Air
Into Thin Air

3. Tintin in Tibet

For me, this is the best Tintin book ever. Herge takes the adventure to the top of the world where air is thin and wind is nasty. Published in 1960, this book was responsible to bring Tibet into people’s attention and even Dalai Lama acknowledged the role of book as an cultural influence towards Tibet.

Timtin in Tibet
Timtin in Tibet

4. From Heaven Lake 

Vikram Seth is India’s most gifted travel writer and in this book, he bought the chronicle of his travel and treks from Sinkiang, Tibet, Nepal and India. This book also won him Thomas Cook Travel Book Award.

From Heaven Lake by Vikram Seth
From Heaven Lake by Vikram Seth

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