Delhi Books #AtoZChallenge

The city of Delhi has always caught an attention of many. Capital of India now, it was also the capital of Pandhavs, Lodis, and of Mughals. Delhi is multi-cultural city with one side with historical ruins and other side with modern malls. One side of the city which is home for politicians and diplomats and other side hosts slums and rural migrants. Here are some books which brings Delhi close to us:

1. City of Djjins

City of Djjins
City of Djjins

William Dalrymple explores the lanes of the purani Dilli, the ruins of forts & tombs and gives an excellent book to us. From the Mughal architecture to gharagnna culture, William brings us closer to the Delhi’s past and present. The book also won him the Thomas Cook Travel Book Award.   Also by the same author on Delhi , The Last Mughal

2. The White Tiger

The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga
The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga

The Delhi in the white tiger is a confused city. While a part of city is chanting the slogan of India Shining, the other part is still coming in terms with urban life. He shows the difference between 2 India, a shining India, represented by the master living in one of the skyscraper and his driver representing darkness.

3. Delhi by Khushwant Singh

Delhi by the Khuswant Singh
Delhi by the Khushwant Singh

Confession time. When I read Delhi by Khushwant Singh, I didnt enjoy it much. I was in college, my first year in Delhi and I wanted to read something about the city. But this book was strange, I think so little blizzard for younger me. However, some details in the book were truly eye opening. This book also introduced me to Indian Coffee House, which was a good take away from the book.

4. 5 Point Someone by Chetan Bhagat

Five Point Someone
Five Point Someone

Finally Chetan Bhagat gets a mention in my blog and not with a jibe. Contrary to his own falling standard, Five point Someone is a decent read. The book takes us to the tour of IIT Campus of Delhi and if you have been around that part of city, you will relate with the book.

What are your favorite Delhi Books? Do write to me. My theme for #AtoZChallenge is Indian Writing in English/Book and related topics. To know more about #AtoZChallenge, please visit the link 

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18 thoughts on “Delhi Books #AtoZChallenge

  1. Despite of being from Delhi, I haven’t read many Delhi based books. I have read The White Tiger, of course, and Five Point Someone (again of course :P) but the best description of Delhi lies in chicklits, the one available at railway stations. I remember purchasing a set of books once. All their stories was similar, but each saw Delhi with such an interesting view that I read all five books just to see what the author was going to tell. I don’t even remember the name of the author. :/


    1. Chicklits.. I have not read many. But I agree that Delhi books are lesser in number than Bombay and even Kolkata. Many Bollywood movies now a days are subjecting movies on Delhi because of variety of characters offered by the city .


      1. Reading another book by Dalrymple now- Return of a King so will have to wait until I am done with that!


  2. You may not like it (chick-lit, but with plenty of cricket) but The Zoya Factor by Anuja Chauhan features a good bit of Delhi and the book is good fun too.


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