And The Bookers’ Goes to! Past Winners from India #AtoZChallenge

My theme for #AtoZChallenge is Indian Writing in English. Here is my first post 

Arvinda Adiga, with his Booker's Prize for The White Tiger
Arvinda Adiga, with his Booker’s Prize for The White Tiger


The fact is that all of the Indian authors who have won Man Booker Prize are alive and healthy. That shows that India arrived on Bookers’ rader little later than expected.

It all started with Salman Rushdie extra-ordinary  narration in Mid-night’s Children. He brought the Indian writing in global map with Magical Realism in to mainstream and Saleem Sinai in every readers’ mind.The year was 1981 and there was no looking back for Mid-night’s Children. It won ‘Booker of Bookers’ Prize in 2008, getting the highest ever honor in fictional literary segment.

Salman Rushdie, file picture
Salman Rushdie, file picture

The next Booker arrived in 1997 with Arundhati Roy’s The God of small Things (I want to dedicate an entire post for the book, so wait for it ). Anita Desai was shortlisted for the big prize for three times in past, but didn’t make the cut. However, her daughter made her and nation proud with her mater-piece, Inheritance of Loss, which got the grade in 2006. With White Tiger in 2008, Aravind Adiga won the forth and the last one for India so far.


Bonus Quiz: Who is the first India-born author to win Nobel Prize in Literature ? Its not Tagore. Find out here

In recent years, Jeet Thayil and Jhumpa Lahiri came close to win the bookers for Narcopolics and The Lowland respectively. I am sure there is lot more to come

Please come back tomorrow for more on Indian Literary.

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  1. I learned something I did not know. Thanks for the post!


    1. I am keeping that as compliment. Thank you


      1. Most definitely a compliment. 🙂

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  2. Kerry S. says:

    I suspect we’re all going to learn a great deal from you this month. Lovely intro! x


    1. Thats so nice of you . Hope to see you around


  3. Perfect topic! I am already excited now 😀 and yes as you already know one big fangirl I am of rushdie 😀



    1. Rushdie will get plenty of mention through the month. Hope to see you around


  4. SassyCat says:

    very interesting. Good luck with the rest of the challenge 🙂


  5. Good Luck! Looking forward to B-Z 🙂


    1. Thank you Swati..I need lot of luck and time to complete this challenge 🙂


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