My entry to #AtoZchallenge & The Theme

I don’t know why I chose to accept A to Z Blogging challenge. I have never posted more than 6 a month, my blog always complain that I care more about my job and less about her. And I have still accepted to post 26 posts in a month !

And of all the months, we have April for this challenge ! April, when Game of Thrones is back, Football season is on pick, the work pressures are insane, new financial year, elections in the country, social events are on full swing and still I have taken this challenge. Have you already given up on me…..? Wait for it, I have also decided the theme for the challenge which is none of the above (now is the right time).

My theme for #AtoZchallenge is “Indian Literary” where I will square my opinions on Indian books, authors, the genres, the business of books, the future, the past and the challenges. Yes, my blog’s name is Avi’Random’, but I still have One theme for a month, for 26 posts (Please don’t give up on me yet). While I will focus on the contemporary books and trends, I will also deviate from the timelines and move to past sometimes. I have also requested few friends to contribute here for guest post. I am looking forward for The April.


I would love to hear your suggestions to make it better. Also, if you are interested to contribute, then please let me know.

8 Comments Add yours

  1. indrani says:

    Interesting theme.


  2. Beloo Mehra says:

    Very nice theme. All the best! Will you be focusing on only Indian Writing in English or other languages too?


    1. Yes, I realize now. I should had mentioned Indian Writing in English only. Since, it is the only language I read in. However, there are few translations and adaptions which I am planning to feature.

      Thank you for your Kind Wishes


  3. mridula says:

    Keep them coming 😀


  4. Sonal. says:

    All the Best!! 😀


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