what do you choose: mountains or beaches?

I Choose Mountains.

merry to go around

“i think we go to the mountains really often,” i said.

“maybe…” came the stoic reply with the hint of the question mark at the end.  i could continue it meant… i did.

“we live in the coast, to the west of india. and towards the end of the year we seem to make our way to delhi, then by road we head further north and then some more travel and then we roam around the mountains for days. covering short distances of 30 – 40 kms on bad roads which makes it take hours. and we come back and then do it again? why?”

“i don’t see it as a pattern… it’s just happened twice.”

yeah, well, just twice. but if we do it again next year, it’s going to be three years in a row… we make this long trek, by flight, rail, bus, car to the himalayas…

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