#ExpectFrom2014 : Books & Literary

2014 is important year for folks of my generation. Important decisions will be made, life will juggle roles, careers will be made or lost, new hopes and expectations will replace the old one. Here, I have started a small series #ExpectFrom2014

I am looking forward for great year ahead for the Books. Here is my Expectations from 2014:

1. A classic by Arvinda Adiga

Arvinda Adiga, with his Booker's Prize for The White Tiger
Arvinda Adiga, with his Booker’s Prize for The White Tiger

Its been a while that the book from Arvinda has release.  There is lot of promise in his writing  and we have not got enough of this 3 Book old author.

2. The Man’s booker Prize to India

The greatest Literary Award
The greatest Literary Award

This year, Jhumpa Lahiri came close to get the highest literary recognition  for The Lowland (You can read my Book Review here ), I wish this year, India can make it.

3. The End of Robert Landgon & Move on Dan Brown

Please move on Dan Brown
Please move on Dan Brown

Dan Drown must move on from Robert Langdon. He was awesome in Da Vinci Code & Angels & Demons but future installment is painful to read, specially in the Inferno.

4. No movie on Shiva Trilogy by Karan Johar

Part II of the The Shiva Trilogy
Part II of the The Shiva Trilogy

Just when I thought that I moved on from the fantasy reading, I discovered new type of Mythological fiction genre in Shiva Trilogy. Amish gripped me till the last page of the series. However, when I read that Karan Johar has bought the movie rights for the book, I was little taken a back. I hope he does not decide to make the movie any time soon and spoil it for us. (Bonus Read: My Book Review of Shiva Trilogy 1, 2, 3)

6. Bring Back our Hero, Salman Rusdie

Salman Rusdie

He is the most decorated Indian author can’t return to India without raising the debate dais & public outcry. Why can’t we welcome him back in the voice of free speech. It was sad that M F Hussian had to leave the country and never return, I hope we can make India more tolerant society.

Please share your expectations from the year 2014.

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