#ExpectFrom2014: Television

2014 is important year for folks of my generation. Important decisions will be made, life will juggle roles, careers will be made or lost, new hopes and expectations will replace the old one. Here, I have started a small series #ExpectFrom2014

Here is my first list, of what I expect from Television from 2014.

1. Come Soon Game of Thrones : 

The Best Television Series Ever !!

Love, Betrayal, War, Magic, Dragons, Politics, Eroticism, Zombies, Gods, Devils- Game of Thrones has it all. Season 4 will release in 2014. Earlier, the better. Can’t wait.

2. Re-run of Malgudi Days, Chanakya & B.R. Chopra’s Mahabharat

The Best of Indian Televison: Malgudi Days, Chanakaya & B.R. Chopra' Mahabharat
The Best of Indian Televison: Malgudi Days, Chanakaya & B.R. Chopra’ Mahabharat

The truth is that I don’t expect anything awesome from Indian television. Its better we get the re-run of some good oldies like Malgudi Days, Mahabharat & Chanakaya

 3. Return of Sportscenter

Sportscenter in good old days. Image from www.jasondasey.com
Sportscenter in good old days. Image from http://www.jasondasey.com

So the Star Network replaced the Sports Center with Star Power and I don’t know what they discuss on that show. Too much dependence on Cricket, idiot shows like “Outstanding Ojha, etc” & too many re-runs is killing it. I wish the good old Sports Center is back.

4. Awesome Telecast of Football World Cup 

No heartbreak in this World Cup please
No heartbreak in this World Cup please

There are no bigger events in the world than Football World Cup. I hope there is awesome telecast this time.

5. Return of Lonely Planet 

The best travel show ever
The best travel show ever

I dont know if they still air lonely Planet show (Or Globe Trekker) , but it was the best travel show I have ever known. Ian Wright, Samantha Brown and others, were awesome.

What do you #ExpectFrom2014, do let me know.

20 Comments Add yours

  1. indrani says:

    I would love to see the Lonely Planet serial.


    1. Ya, it was quite a spark in those days. With no travel blogs and magazine around, it was a happy television


  2. I’m always happy to hear someone saying they’re looking forward to the next season of Game of Thrones. Thumbs up on it being your #1 spot. It is known.


    1. Yes, Game of Thrones is first on my list & I have not surprised anyone. Next season will be epic


  3. Love love love!!! Awaiting Game of Thrones Season 04 like crazy (I want Khalisi to kicj some solid ass)…… 🙂


    1. I will not predict who will kicks whose ass because I had been wrong so far.


  4. Malgudi days…please


    1. Who does not love it ?


  5. Dude.. Few days back I was wondering what would be the most exciting thing in 2014, and the only thing I could think was Game of Thrones. Thank you for recommending this series #Expectfrom2014


    1. Ya, its an awesome series, you will love it.


  6. nikhilcherianme says:

    For me ..it is Game of thrones Season 4 & Sherlock Season 3….Both are gonna be epic & legendary! 🙂


    1. Ohh yes, Sherlock Season 3 will be legendary as well. Thanks for the comment Nikhil


      1. Hemant Baid says:

        Indeed it was, now everyone waiting for next year eagerly to watch the next season.

        Does keeping only 3 episodes in a season is advantage for them? as in people hooked up n waiting for new season eagerly.. Or should they keep more episodes in one season?


  7. Football world cup is sure something all of us want to watch and are expecting, soooooo happy to hear about Malgudi days. I just read the book once again and it would be lovely to watch the series too.


    1. Football World Cup is the biggest catch for the year. Malgudi days remains the most loved book/series in India. The characters are so life like, it makes me amazed every time I read/watch it.


  8. Nish says:

    I wish I got Game of Thrones on my Tata Sky but I don’t :(, I am looking forward to the world cup though.

    And I love Globetrekker, I haven’t seen it for a while now though, when does it come on?


    1. Ya, Globetrekker repeat episodes are aired on TLC channel. I am not sure about the new episodes


  9. Hemant Baid says:

    Dude you forgot to mention the return of 24 😀


    1. Yes i kind a did because I didnt see the season 1 as well


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