What Happens When The Baker Gets Baked?

This is so awesome.

Ashish Shakya

Before I get into the column, let me state up top that you should never ever do cocaine, because it has horrible side-effects like being lumped in the same category as that guy from Prem Aggan.

That must’ve been one of celebrity chef Nigella Lawson’s concerns this week, when she had to testify in a court that yes, she had done coke and pot a few times, and no, it wasn’t the same as kicking toddlers in the face. This was a surprise only because it involved the squeaky-clean Nigella, who is basically chocolate and cinnamon-scented sunshine, topped off with breasts and a British accent.  (I’m assuming she never did pot on air, because then she’d stop baking halfway and spend the rest of the episode just lying back and slowly licking frosting off her fingers. Mmmm.)

Nobody would’ve been surprised if the chef in question was, say, Gordon Ramsay…

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